Visitor Visa allows you the luxury of exploring Australia’s tourist destinations, meet family/friends or stay in the country till the time of your visa expiry. To apply for a tourist visa for Australia from India, you must know the procedure of application, costs involved and documentation necessary to apply.
The country's IT sector is one of the areas which have been able to sustain itself even during the pandemic. In this blog we will not only discuss the benefits of migration but also the ways available at your disposal to do so.
Many might think that Canada has had a long pause in the visa application processing since a year or two and they are not wrong to think so. The global pandemic has had a devastating effect on many country’s immigrations and many rules and laws are being amended to fit in the new normal.
Just like any young adult a minor student too, can apply for a study permit given, they fall under the eligibility criteria. A minor child is someone who is unable to live and study independently.
In October, they put forward “Working for Workers Act, 2021” which, if passed, will help migrants who have years of skilled work experience but still find it hard to find a suitable job in Canada.
Australia has many popular migration pathways out of which the most in demand is Visa Subclass 190. This visa subclass allows eligible immigrants to permanently stay in Australia.
The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was launched in 2017 as a temporary aid for employers, skilled workers and international graduates to settle in the four provinces of Canadian Atlantic region. Now it has been declared permanent by the government of Canada because of its high success and growth rate since its launch.
Canada offers a wide range of visa categories to the prospective migrants who wish to visit or settle in Canada. One such category is Business Visitor Visa Canada wherein people who qualify as a business professional and meet the eligibility requirements can enter Canada and stay up to the period of 6 months to conduct business related activities.