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Process for Australia Immigration in 2022

Each year a huge number of foreign nations take their first step for their immigration journey. They assess many countries on the basis of living cost, amenities, education, facilities, work opportunities and what not. Australia ranks in most migrants’ top list. This is not only because of the expanding socio-economic condition of the country but also because it has a diverse community which accepts foreign nations of all ethnicities. People who are work oriented and have great skills in addition to acceptable past work experience have a great chance at getting their visa approved under Australia General Skilled Migrant Category.

The Australian government offers streams to skilled migrants who have sufficient experience, skills and intention to settle in the country. The main streams are:

  1. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): Under this visa, the candidate gets nominated by a state or territory government agency. You can stay indefinitely in Australia once this visa has been granted to you.
  2. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): The applicant receives a nomination from the Australian government to permanently stay in the country.
  3. Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491): An applicant can enter Australia and stay up to 5 years under this visa if they are either nominated by an Australian state or territory or sponsored by a relative residing in the country.

To apply under any of the given categories, an applicant has to submit an online application under SkillSelect. To create a profile under this system the candidate must select an appropriate visa category that suits their profile, register for the English language exam and meet the language requirements, be of an appropriate age, get their skills assessment done for the nominated occupation and submit an Expression of Interest. Once the profile is created and the application is submitted, an assessing authority will review your file and if everything seems good, you will receive an invitation to apply by DHA. You can then use this invitation to apply for the visa and possibly get the visa granted within a short span of time.

Getting a permanent residency visa in Australia grants you many advantages. Although you won't be getting all the benefits that an Australian citizen enjoys, still, you will be able to enjoy most of it.

  1. You can live, work and settle anywhere in the country
  2. You can sponsor your family or bring them with you to Australia
  3. Free education for children up to a certain age
  4. You can sponsor your relatives for Permanent residency
  5. Avail health benefits for you and your family
  6. Work benefits for you and your family
  7. You are allowed to apply for citizenship after three years

To know more about Australian Immigration or to get your profile assessed by experts, visit our website or book a free visa consultancy session today.