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Expected Salary Increase in Canada in 2022

The pre-pandemic condition of the economy was at a great level but the same cannot be said for the post-pandemic scenario. The economy experienced a huge demand for skilled and semi-skilled workforce as there was a shortage of labor in the market. There were some more reasons that played a huge role in the expected increase in remuneration this year. For instance, employers faced issues in terms of recruiting new people and employee retention. Many of them had to revise their start salaries in order to pick out experienced and highly qualified professionals.

Near about 600 organizations all across Canada took part in the Normandin Beaudry’s Survey. The projected salary increase concluded after this survey was by 2.5%. Sectors that are predicted to experience considerable growth are:

  • Distribution (Wholesale and retail trade)
  • Professional
  • Scientific
  • Technical
  • Administrative
  • Management services (business services)

Considering these factors, anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada should start with their application process now. With increased salary payouts and easing labor conditions, a skilled or semi-skilled worker has the best chance of obtaining a permanent resident Canadian visa in addition to getting their dream job.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canadian Cities

Although the salary amount that an employee is offered depends upon the industry/sector in which they are working, it also depends upon the province. Some Canadian provinces have more efficient economies willing to offer higher wages than the others. Nonetheless, the entire country is financially sound and capable of giving good returns against the hard work of people.

  • Toronto: 134,000
  • Montreal: 134,000
  • Brampton: 122,000
  • Quebec: 126,000
  • Vancouver: 129,000
  • Calgary: 126,000
The salaries mentioned above can differ depending upon your educational qualifications, skills and other factors.

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