Canada has a proven record to give a chance to 130,000 students every year to study in Canada by applying in Top Canadian Universities. With flooding job opportunities for graduates, education in Canada is now free of a lot of difficulties. Canada’s main focus, along with many others, has been amalgamation of culture with respective religions.
The Australian Working Holiday Visa is the only visa subcategory out of all that works in complete favor of the tourist wishing to visit and work in the country simultaneously. For anyone planning for working holidays, this is the visa that they need to know about.
Canada has always been a welcoming country in terms of allowing migration of people from different parts of the world. As much as this nation promotes migration of international students and skilled labor, they value most people who have specialization in the in-demand occupations of Canada.
Immigration has always been a popular topic among aspirants who wish to live, work, study and settle in another country. There are many prospective countries that one can choose to migrate to, but majorly for Indians, Canada and Australia are the most sought after destination countries.
As much as many people wish to settle in a foreign country, they often get overwhelmed by the things that need to be done throughout. Moving, packing, organizing, visa filling and taking care of other technical stuff is not a forte of every person.
Getting a permanent residence application approved for any country is technically not that difficult but there are many things that can go wrong throughout the process, if not done properly.
Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an application form required to be filed by an employer of Canada who wishes to sponsor a foreign skilled/semi-skilled worker to fill in the labor shortages in the market.
An immigrant residing in Australia has many streams through which they can apply for permanent residency. But regardless of the streams available, the minimum requirement for most is successfully having a full time work experience