The pre-pandemic condition of the economy was at a great level but the same cannot be said for the post-pandemic scenario. The economy experienced a huge demand for the skilled and semi-skilled workforce as there was a shortage of labor in the market.
People who are work-oriented and have great skills in addition to acceptable past work experience have a great chance at getting their visa approved under Australia General Skilled Migrant Category.
A candidate’s eligibility is calculated based on six key factors: age, educational qualifications, work experience, adaptability, language proficiency, and arranged employment. Indeed, each factor carries its significance and plays an important role at the time CRS points are calculated.
Canada has been making many recent and rapid changes to their immigration policies ensuring that the new immigrants contribute positively towards the economic recovery of the country post pandemic.
In 2017, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was launched to act as a temporary help extended not only towards the employers but also the skilled foreign workers and international graduates.
The eligibility criterion under this pathway is quite simple. The applicant needs an employer-specific job approval letter in any one of the tech sector occupations.
Under the new visa program, Canada Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel the candidates will get an open work permit in addition to open study permits.
Australia is the region that fits the immigration goals of almost anyone and everyone. For people who want to live, work or study in an overseas destination Australia matches their needs optimally.