With flooding job opportunities for the youth, Canada has a proven record to give a chance to 130,000 students every year to study in Canada by applying in Top Canadian Universities. Visa Walk will help you in taking the right decision. Canada gives the students two options to apply for a student visa. The first being Student Direct Stream (SDS) and the second being Study Permit.
With a reputation of having 8 universities out of the Top 100 Universities in the world, Australia has 1,100 prominent institutions offering more than 22,000 courses to the students. Now aren’t those the numbers to consider? You can not only pursue primary and secondary education in Australia but they also provide comprehensive courses of Vocational Education & Training, Undergraduate Programs, Post Graduate Programs and even Doctoral Degree. So whatever you want to study, Australia will have a course for it.
We know that there are many options for Indians if they want to go abroad but we still encourage you to choose Canada. There are many reasons to support this suggestion. Apart from the highlighted routes available to migrate in a new country, Canada offers many more specific programs for laborers and farmers as well. It has an extensive list of courses to choose from.
Australia’s migration is a much researched topic with increasing opportunities in almost every field possible. Australia is preferred by most because of its comfortable climatic conditions, food, tourist destinations like Great Barrier Reef and most importantly, affordable cost of living.
Canada is making continuous efforts to give Canadian residents a chance to stay with their parents or grandparents if they wish to. The Super Visa category allows parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents/Registered Indians/Canadian Citizens to stay in Canada for 2 years at a stretch and to enter Canada multiple times under these circumstances for up to 10 years.