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Top 7 Money Making Jobs in Canada for 2022

Canada has been making many recent and rapid changes to their immigration policies ensuring that the new immigrants contribute positively towards the economic recovery of the country post pandemic. For this, many Canadian employers are offering great salary packages to the highly skilled workers not only because of the demand of the country but also because there is a huge shortage in the labor market. Many professions are benefitting from this.

Have a look at the given list to find out which jobs are currently enjoying the increased wages.

1. Software Developers/Software Engineers

The IT field has been in the limelight for a long time. Supposedly, this field can reap more returns than any with the effort put in. On average, a software developer or software engineer has the potential of earning from 60K to 105K yearly. Of course, these amounts slightly differ depending upon the province where you are being employed.

2. Financial Controller

People who have the good financial knowledge to act as representatives or executives have a good stand in the Canadian market. Depending upon the employer, organization, and province, a financial controller can earn about 70K to 120K annually in Canada.

3. Plant Manager

Candidates who have extensive work experience in plant management and are willing to settle in Canada in any province can fill in the gap in the labor market of the country. As a result, they can make money ranging from 100K to 130K on an average every year.

4. Application Programming Manager

Under this job role, the candidates who are highly skilled, have a big and talented team of professionals, and have years of industry experience have a chance to earn from 90K to 135K per year as an Application Programming Manager. Some of them have even higher chances of earning more depending upon the employer and the organization.

5. Marketing Director

The base job of marketing directors is to overlook other teams and manage micro-departments under them. Those who are well-versed in different types of marketing and easily adapt to the rapid technological changes are offered salaries starting from 70K and can go up to 136K.

6. Business Development Manager

One of the main pillars of an organization, the main job duties of a Business Development Manager is to close deals, develop new client relations and bring revenue in. For these job roles and many more, they can earn amounts ranging from 60K to 116K every year.

7. Cloud Architect

Experienced cloud architects have the potential to earn high wages in Canada. Although, when it comes to experience, they need not specifically have the experience in the same field but the relating fields as well. Nonetheless, with good knowledge and skills they can land jobs offering salaries from 87K to 166K annually.

These are just some of the many jobs that have the potential of reaching much higher levels in the coming future. Canada is a growing economy and is expanding its job market and diversification of profiles at a rapid rate. For this and many more reasons, this is the most appropriate time to migrate to Canada.
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