Many students travel to Australia every year to get enrolled in the top universities and colleges. Not all but most of them have a goal to permanently settle in the country itself.
The Canadian province of Ontario made an interesting announcement on 14th December 2021 benefitting international entrepreneurs willing to invest in Canada. Under this 2-year rebooted program the foreign entrepreneurs will be allowed to invest in the Greater Toronto Area with the aim to create more employment opportunities and boost the economy of the region.
Every year Canada welcomes a high number of immigrants to apply for permanent residency under various programs available for offshore and onshore candidates. Although, Canada was unable to meet the immigration targets in the year of 2020 due to the pandemic, still it has been slowly and steadily resuming to their usual pace of nominations.
In the last month of the year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent out this mandate letter to the Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser wherein he mentioned 13 points that must be kept in mind for new immigration plans.
According to Statistics Canada, the report stated that the third quarter of 2021 saw high amount of job vacancies in comparison with the same quarter of 2019. A total of 912,600 job openings were created as a result of ease in public health restrictions.
The new launch is the International Healthcare Worker Expression of Interest (EOI) pool wherein candidates will submit applications demonstrating their interest to live and work in the province in the selected healthcare related job position.
The pre-pandemic condition of the economy was at a great level but the same cannot be said for the post-pandemic scenario. The economy experienced a huge demand for the skilled and semi-skilled workforce as there was a shortage of labor in the market.
People who are work-oriented and have great skills in addition to acceptable past work experience have a great chance at getting their visa approved under Australia General Skilled Migrant Category.