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Saskatchewan Launches Tech Centric Immigration Pathway

In a recent announcement made by the province on 7th March 2022, the authorities launched a new immigration pathway to meet the labor market needs of Saskatchewan. Post pandemic recovery has been slow but steady throughout Canada. Although many job sectors have been able to recover faster than others, some areas are still struggling. Saskatchewan has a huge gap in the labor market of the IT sector and to resolve this they have come up with a new program. The Tech Talent Pathway is a new category under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program that targets 11 tech jobs in particular. Both Express Entry and Non-Express Entry candidates can apply under this.

The eligibility criterion under this pathway is quite simple. The applicant needs an employer-specific job approval letter in any one of the tech sector occupations. In addition, the candidates who are currently not working for the prospective employer must show a CLB 5 minimum score for English or French language proficiency. This is not the same if the applicant is applying through the Express Entry pathway where the CLB requirement is set at 7 points. Moreover, the candidate should possess one out of five years of experience in the nominated occupation or 6 months prior experience if they have already been working for the applied employer. Lastly, the applicant also needs to be eligible for Saskatchewan professional licensing. These are the basic requirements that must be met before applying for any of the mentioned tech jobs under SINP.

There are some people who are not allowed to apply for this program. These are refugee claimants in Canada who currently have their applications submitted to claim refugee status in Canada. You also have a chance of application rejection if you are not able to meet the requirement for all the necessary documentation. You need to make sure that you are able to prove your genuine intention to live and work in Saskatchewan. Your application will not be processed if you or your representative mistakenly misrepresents you.

On the contrary, the application process under this stream is pretty straightforward. You can apply online by creating an account on the portal, filling in the details in all the sections, scanning and uploading all the documents and forms (in PDF format), and finally, submitting the application.

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