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Canada Launches New Pathways for Ukrainians

In a recent announcement made by Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, complete support for Ukrainians was demonstrated. The country has launched a new pathway of immigration for war-departing people who need a fast-track way to enter Canada.

In light of the current war between Ukraine and Russia, Canada is aiming to help as many civilians as it can. For this, they have launched two new immigration streams which will focus solely on reviewing and accepting the applications of Ukrainians wishing to leave Ukraine in these tough times. Under the new visa program, Canada Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel the candidates will get an open work permit in addition to open study permits. Also, Canadian employers are highly advised to recruit as many Ukraine nationals as they can to do their part. The federal government has even waived most of the typical visa requirements making the process of application for the candidates even more hassle-free.

The given measures are designed keeping in mind the varied purpose of migration of different candidates. Thus, there are separate programs aiming to provide both temporary residence and permanent residence in Canada. More so, the country is willing to accept applications for unvaccinated travelers as well.

Ukraine nationals residing in Canada can even apply for an extension to continue staying, working, or studying in the country. Furthermore, the review of applications of those Canadians will also be fast-tracked who are currently stuck in Ukraine. The provinces of Canada are contributing their part as well in support of these measures. From this draw and many similar measures released by Quebec, it is evident that Canada is willing to do whatever it can to aid people during the time of war.

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