Canada welcomes migrants from all around the world with open hands. With a vast range of visa options to choose from, people from different backgrounds and with different motives to immigrate get a chance to settle in Canada. The country does not limit its aim to only allow people to individually move to Canada but rather gives them a chance to immigrate to Canada with their families.
To migrate to any country there are certain amounts that you need to pay in order to reach your destination. These amounts differ depending on the country that you want to go to and the type of visa category under which you plan on entering the country. We have come up with a comprehensive list of application fees that you’ll need to pay throughout the process of Canada Immigration.
Canada is giving a chance to the permanent residents of the country to invite their associated people to live in Canada under the status of Canadian permanent residency. With decreased processing time, Canada is giving this program their utmost priority. Even during the pandemic, this visa still has the same amount of applications, if not increased.
Canada time and time again proves to be cost-effective for not only visitors but the businessmen as well. Its economy is full of job opportunities in Information Technology; Accountancy; Human Resources and much more. There are many opportunities specifically designed for entrepreneurs and self-employed people under the Canada Business Immigration.
The government of Canada gives skilled workers a different pathway to enter the country directly as a permanent resident. Under its Express Entry System, the Federal Skilled Worker Program helps workers to directly apply for permanent residency if they are eligible.
For people who plan to move to Canada from India, they must know that the country welcomes migrants from all around the world with open hands and with a vast range of visa options to choose from. With its liberal policies for immigrants and friendly environment for students, most people have this country on top of their migration list.
Out of many countries that sum up to be good options to immigrate for Indians, Canada still stands on the top even after many years. With the passing years, Canada immigration process has become much easier and faster to let the migrants enjoy timeless visa applications.
With increasing opportunities in almost every field possible, Australia’s migration is a much-researched topic. This country is one of the best options for foreigners who want to start a new life abroad.