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Part Time Work Stream to Meet Australia PR Eligibility

Published Date: 8th December 2021

Immigrants who fail to meet the minimum requirement of acquiring a fulltime work experience in Australia can apply for permanent residency through the “Part Time Work Stream”.

An immigrant residing in Australia has many streams through which they can apply for permanent residency. But regardless of the streams available, the minimum requirement for most is successfully having a full time work experience (exceptions South Australia and Canberra). To aid candidates who are unable to meet this requirement, reside in Australia and still wish to apply for permanent residency, can apply for PR through the Part Time Work Experience Stream.


Eligibility Criteria to apply in South Australia

For a part-time worker residing in South Australia under “Living & Working in SA” stream, they can apply for PR if:

  • The candidate is working for minimum of 20 hours/week or 40 hours/fortnight in the nominated or related occupation
  • To apply for 491 Visa Subclass, the candidate should be working continuously for the last 6 months in the state
  • To apply for 190 Visa Subclass, the candidate should be working continuously for the last 12 months in the state

Eligibility Criteria to apply in Canberra

  • If the candidate has worked a minimum of 20 hours for subclass 491, they are eligible for PR pathway
  • For the occupations listed in the Canberra Critical List, the candidate does not require to be working in the nominated occupation
  • See if you can score more points on the Canberra ACT Matrix used for point calculation
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