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Canada’s Prime Minister releases a Mandate Letter

Mandate Letter summarizes the priorities that the country’s Prime minister expects his cabinet to follow for the time his government is in power. In the last month of the year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent out this mandate letter to the Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser wherein he mentioned 13 points that must be kept in mind for new immigration plans. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Sean Fraser will join forces to put this letter in action.

The main points covered in the letter are given below.

  1. It is expected out of IRCC to take every possible measure to reduce the application processing time. Delays occurred fur to the pandemic should also be taken into account.
  2. To promote immigration amongst international students and temporary foreign workers the immigration minister is asked to create new and increased permanent residency pathways either through the Express Entry System or any other program.
  3. Electronic applications should be an option for candidates submitting profiles under various family reunification programs. Also, spouses and children awaiting the processing of their PR applications should be granted temporary residency status for the time being.
  4. With the introduction of new Municipal Nominee Program IRCC and Sean Fraser are supposed to pay attention towards an even and broader distribution of immigration throughout Canada. They must also put emphasis on growth of small and medium sized communities and immigration supporting those.
  5. As the citizenship applicants meet all the necessary requirements and have proved to be an asset for the country, the application fee for Canadian citizenship should be waived off.
  6. Introduction and establishment of a Trusted Employer System is crucial at this point so that the employers can hire temporary foreign workers and meet the prevailing labor market needs of the country. Additionally, Global Talent Stream should also be revised to ease work permit renewal and meet the previous two-week processing standard. Establishing an employer hotline is also a priority.
  7. Look into existing pilot programs and create a pathway for undocumented workers in Canada to regularize their status.
  8. To increase and improve the French language knowledge of immigrants in Quebec, necessary measures should be taken. Promotion of national Francophone Immigration strategy must also be continued.
  9. Steps must be taken to achieve Canada’s aim for 40,000 Afghan refugees to get resettled.

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