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Why Visa Walk is one of the top immigration consultants in Delhi?

The answer is simple. We strive for perfection. Any immigration application that comes our way is very personal to us. We are well aware of the factors at stake when it comes to filling a study, PR, parents, or spousal application. This is why we pay close attention to the facts and details and make the process for our clients as seamless as possible.

Visa Walk has a decade-long reputation of being the best immigration and education consultancy firm in Delhi NCR. This is made possible because of the long-established success of bringing positive assessments to the clients since the beginning. Clients coming our way get to enjoy not only the free visa consultancy by the industry experts but also assistance with profile assessment, documentation, language training, visa consultancy, and much more. Our team consists of a dedicated team of professionals and industry experts who hustle each day and guide customers throughout their immigration journey. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest immigration trends and news and each immigration solution that we provide is designed as per the best of our knowledge and current industry standards.

Aspirants aiming for countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. come to us for guidance when looking for diverse immigration options. Hence, our expertise lies in study visas, permanent residency visas, visitor visas, business or investor visas, and family or spousal visas for most countries across the globe. Our additional services include IELTS English language training, resume building, and profile optimization. Our certified and experienced professionals provide top-notch assistance and guidance that leaves us with happy customers.

Do you want to study for IELTS?

If you plan to move abroad for study, work, training, or immigration, you need to know about IELTS. If you aim to migrate abroad, you should always research, acquire knowledge and assess it, or have it assessed by a professional. Immigration is a big decision for anyone, so it seems logical to consult an expert to know your opportunities and potential routes available. Hence, we at Visa Walk not only evaluate all of our clients for potential prospects, but we also provide the desired candidates with an excellent service of IELTS coaching. Our coaching services include:

  • Online/classroom training from authorized trainers

  • Personalized class schedules

  • In-depth course material with extra practice material to improve writing, speaking, and reading

  • Constant practice tests to assess progress

  • Weekdays and weekend schedules available for the client’s convenience

  • Individual weekly feedback sessions

Are you interested in a “Permanent Residency”?

A permanent residence visa allows you to not only work and live in a foreign country, but also retain your citizenship in your home country. The biggest benefit you get with this type of visa is that you can stay in the country of your choice for an unlimited amount of time. This allows you to travel between countries while retaining the citizenship of one country and the residence of another. There are many other benefits of a Permanent Resident Visa that you can find out by consulting our experts. We can help you obtain visas for Canada, New Zealand, Australia, many European countries, Thailand, Singapore, etc.

Do you want to become an “International Student”?

If studying abroad has always been on your list, now is the time to check it by applying for a student visa. Get an education in a foreign country with a high standard of living and avail yourself of the chance to apply for permanent residency. A wide range of courses taught by world-class professors are offered, and scholarships are also available if you qualify. Get the opportunity to study in Canada, Australia, the USA, and many other countries. For more information, contact Visa Walk’s study visa counselors.