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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario is Canada’s social, economic, and political hub with big cities like Toronto and Ottawa in their geographical area. It is the most popular province in the whole country when it comes to immigration options. With a diverse community and ever-developing job opportunities, Immigrants love to settle in Ontario.

What is OINP?

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is an initiative catered to allow people of different nationalities to have a better standard of living in this Canadian province. Ontario immigration has paired up with IRCC, Canada’s Government to help people in different phases of life, have a chance to settle here. It includes students, skilled workers, businessmen, and much more. The aim of the program is to assess people who apply for it, check their backgrounds and details, and if deemed beneficial, issue them an Invitation to Apply for Canadian permanent residency.

Qualifications/Eligibility for OINP

The program, Ontario PNP 2021 demands certain qualifications in order for someone to apply for it. You are qualified to apply if you fall under any of the below-mentioned categories.

1. Valid Job Offer

Before applying for any kind of visa, it is very crucial to get a job offer if you want to have a career in Canada from start. Having this letter makes things very easy at the time of departure in a new country because the company inviting you will take care of all the necessities that you need after entering the untested lands. It also increases your points and chances of getting issued an ITA under OINP.

2. Human Capital Category

This category permits graduate students and skilled workers to apply for OINP. With relevant knowledge, skills, education, and work experience it should not be very difficult for you to apply.

3. Business Category

People who have the resources and a great business idea too can be a part of this country or any of the provinces. The business category under OINP gives such people a chance to be permanent residents who either have a start-up idea & are capable of creating jobs in their market or who can/want to invest in their businesses.


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What is the Application Process for OINP?

The process for applying to Ontario Nominee Program is not that complicated. You just have to be patient and mindful of the details that you fill in.

1. Check if you fall under the Qualification parameter

The first step before any other is to check if you fall under the eligibility criteria or the qualification parameter. You need to fall under one of the categories to be eligible to apply for OINP.

2. Profile Creation & Receiving ITA

After checking the eligibility, create a profile in the appropriate system and fill out the details with utmost honesty. If you input any wrong details and later on, they don’t match according to your profile, you create chances of getting disqualified. If you are selected by Ontario, you will receive an Invitation to Apply from the respective authorities. You can use the ITA to apply for permanent residency.

3. Apply to get nominated By Ontario

The next step after profile creation is to apply for the program under OINP that you checked your eligibility for and which you think has the highest chances of accepting you. You can check the next head to learn the application costs.

4. Apply to IRCC for PR

The final step is to apply to the Canadian government if you are successfully nominated by Ontario and have received an ITA. This final application would be for Canadian permanent residency.

Price of Application of OINP

If you want to know the application costs to apply for any of the three programs available under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, then it is





Job Offer Category

Human Capital Category


Business Category

The above-mentioned costs do not cover the price for IELTS exams, medical certification, police certificates, third-party law partners, or any other miscellaneous costs as these requirements may vary from case to case.

Ways to apply for OINP

You can apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program in two ways.

1. Express-Entry System

In this method, you have to create an express entry profile and fill out all the relevant information. After doing so, you will enter the express entry pool where you will be given a CRS score based on the information that you have provided in your profile. Here, you can mention that you are interested in the Ontario province so the OINP officials notice you. If you’re successful in doing so, you will be assessed through the express entry system itself and will be picked if you prove to be beneficial to the province. The provinces usually select candidates who are on top of the CRS score list, so make sure that you do all in your power to get the required score.

2. OINP e-filling Portal

Another way to apply for this program is by directly applying to Ontario’s electronic/online filling system. Here again, you will have to make a profile, and based on the credentials provided, you’ll be given scores. You can check their website to know more.

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