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Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency

Any person who wishes to migrate to Canada has considered all the pathways through which they can settle in the country. Although many streams do allow you to live in Canada for some time, not every stream guarantees you the status of being a permanent resident. Why opt for Canada Permanent Residency? The answer to this is quite simple. The status of PR grants you a whole lot of benefits that being a visitor, tourist or student might not. You have the opportunity to live, work and travel throughout the nation along with sponsoring your spouse, partner, or dependents.

How to become a Permanent Resident?

In order to apply directly for PR of Canada, you need to first submit an online application under a specific immigration program offered by Canada. Some of them are Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, and many more. Only after receiving a confirmation against your application for any one of these programs you are eligible to travel to the country as a permanent resident.

What are the benefits of a Permanent Resident?

Before moving further and learning any more details for PR, let us first have a look at the benefits that a person enjoys under this particular status.

1. Travel, live, and work anywhere within the country

As a permanent resident of Canada, you have the right to move, stay and work in any province of the country. Many new immigrants sometimes struggle to find their desired jobs or get the wanted pay in the province that they are invited to. But if you enter the country as a permanent resident, you can move to different provinces, work anywhere within the country and stay there.

2. Access to universal healthcare and social services

Canadian government aims at providing as much assistance as it can in improving the services provided to its residents and citizens. If you successfully become a Canadian permanent resident, you get to avail the benefits of universal healthcare and many social services. These include healthcare, education, unemployment insurance, and senior care. A point to be kept in mind is the wait time for coverage is of 3 months. Other than this, you get to learn English and French by taking government-funded classes.

3. Sponsor your spouse and children

A permanent resident has the opportunity to call their partner and dependent children to live permanently in Canada with them. If these candidates apply for PR through a specific stream they can include their family members in their initial application itself. By doing this, the family members can accompany them on the first trip to Canada.

4. Get free education

The children of Canadian permanent residents get the opportunity to study until secondary level for free. This means that the parents will not have to pay any cost of education. Furthermore, the graduation costs are also dramatically cheaper for permanent residents as compared to the cost of education that international students have to bear.

5. Apply for Canadian Citizenship

A permanent resident who manages to stay in Canada for three out of five years automatically becomes eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. They just need to meet the citizenship language requirements (if they are between the ages of 18-54), should not be under a removal order, should not have criminal probation, and must pay the processing fee at the time.

Ways to Migrate to Canada

To discuss a little further the ways that you can migrate, here is a complete list of options you can choose from.

  • Student Permit: This is the preferred route of the youth. Most of the students wish to have a different college experience and because Canada is liberal with its student schemes, the aspiring and hard-working youth get this chance.

  • Work Permit: People also get a great shot at advancing their career by getting a global experience in their field of work.

  • Express Entry: This is another interesting way to get your Canada permanent residency. For hoof who are already working and progressing in their career, they can start in that same field in a new country without fearing changing their field of work.

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): Apart from applying for study or work you can check out the list of different provinces and jobs offered by them. This way you can directly apply to those provinces and get your visa approved.

  • Start-up Visa: One more great way to settle in Canada is by convincing their government that you can be an asset to them if you have a good start-up plan.

  • Family Sponsorship: Canada considers everyone. That means other than giving you permanent residency, it also gives you a chance to sponsor your parent allowing them to have the same life just like you in their country.

  • Caregivers: If you love to care for others and even have a profession of the sort in that field then Canada might just be the country for it. It gives special consideration to caregivers and has a separate visa application for them.

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