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Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is a great pathway to opt for if you want to migrate to Canada. It offers direct Canadian permanent residency if you get accepted under this scheme. It is one out of the three programs offered by Canada under the Express Entry System. This program is for skilled workers who want to settle in Canada and are willing to economically contribute to the province and help it grow.

What is a Provincial Nominee Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program allows candidates who have skills, knowledge, and experience to settle in their province so that they help the economy and finances along with their personal growth. It is for those who want to settle in a particular province and become permanent residents of Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program Process

The process to apply for PNP is rather simple. It is only a two-step process. The first is applying to a province of your choice or making an Express Entry profile and adding your preferred provinces there. Now all you have to do is wait to get nominated. The second step is to receive the Nomination Certificate from the province that you’re selected in. You then need to make use of the certificate to apply to IRCC for a Canadian permanent residency visa.

How to apply for PNP?

For this, you have two options to choose from. You can either apply through the non-express entry (paper-based) method or the express entry method.

  • Paper-Based Application: Under this, you have to apply to the province directly. You must gather all the necessary documentation, attach it toa a file, and mail it to the desired province along with a proper letter to apply under the provincial nominee program. If you get the Nomination Certificate, you then have to make a profile on Express Entry System and attach the certificate along with it. Visa Walk can help you make error-free application letters and complete the documentation on your behalf to reduce your work.

  • Express Entry: In this, you have to make a profile in the Express Entry System and if you are eligible, you are allowed to enter the Express Entry pool. In there you are given a rank of CRS points on the basis of the information that you have provided. The more your rank, the higher your chances of you getting an Invitation to apply. The only key difference between normal express entry and PNP is that here, you need to mention your preferred province while making the EE profile so that the authorities of that area can look into your application too.

Why apply under PNP?

The two major reasons why many people apply for the Provincial Nominee Program are:

  • 80 different streams under PNP: When you apply for a PNP you get the luxury of choosing from 80 different options provided by the different provinces. Although there can be some provinces that may or may not offer some of the streams they surely have an appropriate replacement. The options/streams are healthcare, tech, finance and accounts, human resource, etc.

  • +600 points for ITA: The CRS gives you a rank on the basis of the points that you are allotted. There is a total of 1200 CRS points out of which whoever scores the highest has the most chances of getting an ITA. If you are approved by a province and have the nomination certificate for the same, you automatically get 600 more points in your CRS score which guarantees you approval for a permanent residency in Canada.

Documents Required for PNP

  • Passport

  • Educational Credential Assessment

  • Professionals Credentials

  • Latest Medical Reports

  • Police Clearance Certificate

  • Any other documents relevant to your case

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