Visa Walk offers services in..

Profile Assessment: Our industry professionals assess your profile by taking a retrospective and prospective approach. Only after an intensive study, we tell you your honest chances of going abroad and getting the visa approved.

Consultation: We provide you a consultation on study & job opportunities in your preferred country, enlighten you about other ways to move abroad, walk you through the process and documentation required for migration and make the immigration process as smooth as possible.

Documentation: Because of our decade-long experience, we know each and every bit of documentation required for all visas, by heart.

Canada Permanent Residency Visa: This is one of our most demanded services at Visa Walk. Canada is the preferred country of most foreign nationals and therefore, we receive the highest number of cases in this aspect out of all visa applications.

Australia Permanent Residency Visa: This is another favorable country for Indians. It has a streamlined visa application process making it very easy and quick for immigrants to settle in their country.

Business Investor Visa: For those who are interested in starting/expanding their business in a foreign country or are willing to even invest have a special category of visa application.

IELTS Coaching: Apart from providing top-tier guidance and assistance we also help our clients in getting a great score at IELTS to increase their prospects.

Visit Visa Services: We also offer our services in helping people apply for their tourist visas for any country.

Student Visa: The most curious and willing of all our clients are the young ones who want to experience foreign education. That is why this is a part of our niche.

Express Entry: For those who already have advanced in their career can have an opportunity to continue in the same field in a different country and directly be a citizen of that country as well, all through the express entry system.