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Why choose this country?

Canada is one of the leading economies in the world right now. With flooding job opportunities and an ever-growing economy, Canada welcomes migrants from all around the world with open hands. With a vast range of visa options to choose from, people from different backgrounds and with different motives get a chance to migrate to Canada. Culture-wise it has the most diverse communities and each one is equally respected and thought about.

What can Canada offer?

Apart from the highlighted routes available to migrate to a new country, Canada offers many more specific programs for laborers and farmers as well. It has an extensive list of courses to choose from and their colleges and universities put into consideration almost all students from different financial backgrounds. With its liberal policies for immigrants and friendly environment for students, most people have this country on top of their migration list.

How can you migrate to Canada?

As an aspirant who wants to settle in Canada, they have numerous pathways to choose from.

1. Work Permit

People also get a great shot at advancing their careers and getting global experience in their field of work.

2. Express Entry

This is another interesting way to get your Canadian permanent residency. For those who are already working and progressing in their career, they can start in that same field in a new country without fearing changing the field.

3. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Apart from applying for study or work you can check out the list of different provinces and jobs offered by them. This way you can directly apply to those provinces and get approved.

4. Start-up Visa

One more great way to settle in Canada is by convincing their government that you can be an asset to them if you have a good start-up plan.

5. Family Sponsorship

Canada considers everyone. That means other than giving you permanent residency; it also gives you a chance to sponsor your parents and allow them to have the same life just like you in their country.

6. Caregivers

If you love to care for others and even have a profession of a sort in that field then Canada might be just the country for it. It gives special consideration to caregivers and has a separate visa application for them.

How can Visa Walk help you?

One can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the documentation and visa application process. This is where visa consultancy as experienced as ours proves to be essential. We can guide you through every step of the visa application, keep your work profile updated, devise a plan of action to move ahead, potentially provide a job to apply for a work permit, and make sure you reach untested lands securely.