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Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Located on the east side of Canada, this province’s Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) provides a very specified list of programs/streams that one can choose from if they wish to permanently settle in the province. It has paired up with the Canada Express Entry System to give abundant opportunities to the applicants who seek Canadian permanent residency.

We have created a comprehensive list of programs offered by Nova Scotia for immigration.

1. Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

  • This stream prioritizes the candidates who have the experience and ability to fulfill the labor market needs of the province.

  • For one to be able to apply for this province, one must meet the eligibility criteria.

  • If they are accepted in the program that they applied for, they shall receive a Letter of Interest and apply for PR within 30 days of receiving the LOI.

  • The application to this stream is only through the issue of an invitation.

2. Nova Scotia: Physician

  • This stream helps the physicians to migrate to Canada in Nova Scotia province.

  • The Physicians aid the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre (IWK) to fill in the labor needs.

  • The two occupations that are considered under this stream are General practitioners and Family practitioners (NOC 3112) + Specialist physicians (NOC 3111).

  • The applicant must have a valid job offer from one of the two approved organizations of the Nova Scotia province to be able to apply for this program.

  • The application to this stream is only through the issue of an invitation.

3. Nova Scotia: Entrepreneur

  • This program is designed for experienced business owners or senior business managers who wish to settle in Nova Scotia.

  • The applicant must be willing to either buy or start a new business in the province in addition to playing vital role in even day business activities.

  • They must be able to create job opportunities in the province or boost their economy through their business.

  • The applicant needs to operate for a year in the province before he/she is eligible to apply for permanent residence.

  • The application to this stream is only through the issue of an invitation.

4. Nova Scotia: International Graduate Entrepreneur

  • This stream is intended for recent graduates of Nova Scotia University/Community College who have either started a business in the province or own one.
  • The sole condition is for them to be involved in the business for at least a year and now they’re willing to permanently settle in this province of Canada.
  • The application to this stream is only through the issue of an invitation.

5. Nova Scotia: International Graduates In-Demand

  • Under this program, people who are international graduates and have a relevant job offer in any one of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) relevant in Nova Scotia can apply.

  • The only two NOC that is in demand in the province right now are NOC 3413 (Nurse Aides, orderlies, and patient service associates) & NOC 4214 (Early childhood educators and assistant).

6. Nova Scotia: Skilled Workers

  • This program enables recent international graduates and foreign workers to have a chance at settling in Nova Scotia.

  • The employer is given an option to choose people out of the applicants to offer a job position that they were unable to fill with the current permanent residents of the province.

  • People can grab this chance to ease their immigration journey to Canada.

7. Nova Scotia: Occupations In-Demand

  • This stream targets the people who have the skills, knowledge, and experience to work in NOC C & D category.

  • There are various jobs in this category but their relevance may change from time to time to the labor market needs of the Nova Scotia province.

8. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

  • This program is tied up with Canada’s express entry system to help the highly skilled individuals to settle permanently in this Canada’s province.

  • Those who wish to permanently live in Nova Scotia must have at least 1 year of working experience in any one of the highly skilled occupations of Nova Scotia.

If you wish to know more about the eligibility criteria for each of the programs or how to apply for any, visit this website. If you still have any doubts regarding Canadian immigration you can visit our website or book a free visa consultancy session today to get your profile assessed by one of our experts.