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Federal Skilled Worker Program
Pathway under Canada Express Entry System

Being the most prosperous country, Canada makes continuous efforts to allow all kinds of people to have a chance of settling in Canada. Under one of its schemes of express entry, there are three categories for which one can apply: 

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program

  • Provincial Nominee Program

  • Canadian Experience Class

What is Federal Skilled Worker Visa?

This visa comes under the category of Express Entry. It allows experienced and skilled people to directly apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. It is one of the three subcategories of programs offered by the Canadian government to allow people in every phase of life to have a chance and get settled in Canada. All you need to have is working experience in one of the fields mentioned in the NOC and meet the eligibility for FSWP in addition to being on the point grid for FSWP. Read the complete article to know more details.

Minimum Requirements for FSWP

  • Skilled Worker Experience: This requirement encompasses one year of working experience of a worker in any one of the professions mentioned under the National Occupational Classification. This classification diversifies the job types into five different categories. The job can be either in Canada or your home country, but you need to check the categories before investing your time in the work.
  • Language Ability: This is the category where you need to prove to the Canadian government that you are proficient in any one or both of their official languages, i.e., English or French. The minimum score that you need to show is Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 or NCLB 5.
  • Education: Under this, you must have a transcript or Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) that indicates your educational qualification in comparison to the Canadian educational system.

*If you fulfill all the minimum requirements for the process of FSWP, then you are eligible to apply for it through express entry. After the application is submitted you will enter the Express Entry Pool from where you can move further.

Criteria for FSWP

The above-mentioned requirements are just for entering the Express Entry pool, but once you enter it there is another criterion under which you are given points. Out of the total of 100 points, you need to score at least 67 to pass the pool.

  • Age (You can get a maximum of 12 points)

  • Education (You can get a maximum of 25 points)

  • Work Experience (You can get a maximum of 15 points)

  • Valid Job Offer (You can get a maximum of 10 points)

  • English/French Language Skills (You can get a maximum of 28 points)

  • Adaptability (You can get a maximum of 10 points)

Federal Skilled Worker Points

After you pass the eligibility criteria and fulfill all the minimum requirements, you will be given a rank under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS is given on the base of the details that you provide. If you want to get accepted in Canada for direct permanent residency under FSW then you need to make sure that you are ranked among the top.

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