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Canadian Experience Class
Pathway under Canada Express Entry System

Canadian Experience Class is a great option for people who have previously worked in Canada and now want to settle there. Under the Express Entry System, Canada has given immigrants three options to choose from to applying for permanent residency.

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

2. Provincial Nominee Program

3. Canadian Experience Class

About this program

It is a program that aids the skilled workers having Canadian working experience of at least 1 year to apply for permanent residency and be a citizen. This is a very attractive choice for the people working there because, within a span of 6-12 months, the applicant’s visa usually gets approved. So, you can also say that this route is the quickest if you already are a temporary resident of Canada and aspire to become a permanent one.

One thing to keep in mind before applying under CEC is that your job profile and experience must come under the National Occupational Classification (NOC). The skill type categories under the same are:

  • Skill Level 0 – Managerial Jobs

  • Skill level A – Professional Jobs

  • Skill Level B – Technical Jobs & Skilled Trades

Make sure that you check beforehand for the category under which you work will be classified.

Canadian Experience Class Requirements

* Language Levels

For those of who are moving to Canada on the basis of work and will apply under the CEC need to have the required marks. You must score necessary marks in either English or French, one of the two official languages, to be eligible to apply for CEC.


1 year of Skilled Work Experience

To be eligible for CEC you need to have certain hours of work experience in accordance with the Canadian standards. Without completing the required hours of work, you won’t be eligible for CEC.

Gain Work Experience under Temporary Visa

The last requirement to be eligible to apply for CEC is you need to have your working experience under an official work visa or any other type of temporary visa that permits you to work. If your job was completed without authorization then you will not be allowed to apply for CEC.


Canada Immigration: Express Entry & CEC

Because CEC is under the Express Entry system, you need to have an express entry profile under which you can apply for the CEC category. To make this profile you need to fill in certain details. Upon filling them, you will be given CRS score. For any program like FSW, PNP, or CEC, recruiters pick those people out of all who have the top score in the express entry pool. So before planning any of this, you need to make sure that you stand a good chance.

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Documents needed to apply for CEC

After checking eligibility for CEC and meeting the basic requirements you need to gather and file all the documents to enter the express entry pool. For that, you need certain documents for your profile and certain documents for your application. These are:

  • Passport

  • Language Ability Test Results

  • Education Credential Assessment Report

  • Provincial Nomination (if any)

  • Job Letter

  • Proof of Funds

  • Police Certificates

  • Medical Exams

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