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Spouse Sponsorship & Dependent Visa

If you are a Permanent Resident in Canada then you get the advantage of sponsoring your spouse or dependents through the Family sponsorship visa category. This visa category allows you to sponsor not only your spouse but your common-law partner as well. With decreased processing time, Canada is giving this program their utmost priority. Even during the pandemic, this visa still has the same amount of applications, if not increased.

Eligibility for the sponsor

If you want to sponsor someone through the Spouse Sponsorship Program you have to follow the below-mentioned criteria. If you fall under any one of the eligibility criteria then you can invite anyone to apply for permanent residency. You should be:

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Be a Canadian citizen, living in Canada or a Registered Indian

  • Able to support the sponsored financially

  • You need to make sure they don’t require any social assistance

Eligibility for the sponsored

There is a certain criterion for the person being sponsored through the Spouse Sponsorship program as well. Not everyone can be eligible to get sponsored. You need to fall under any one of the categories mentioned below to be eligible.

1. Your Spouse/Married Partner
2. Your Common Law Partner
3. Your Conjugal Partner
4. Dependent Children

  • Your child
  • Your Spouse/Partner’s Child

Application fee for permanent residency with family

Although there isn’t any specific income requirement to sponsor your dependent or spouse, still you must show the Dependent that you’re capable enough to financially support them throughout their stay in the country and will be able to pay for their basic needs. Other than that, there’s just the application fee that you need to submit at the time of submission. Find the list below to know how much you’d need to pay at the time of application submission.



Your application


Your application (without right of PR fee)


Include your spouse or partner 


Include your spouse or partner (without right of PR fee)


Include a dependent child 

225 per child

Application Processing Time

  • Spouse/Partner: about 12 months

  • Dependent: varies by country


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