The Conservatives and the Liberals are the only two who have been in the election race since the founding of Canada in 1867. Even this time, the competition was neck to neck.
The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program held its recent draw on 21 September, 2021 wherein they issued 995 invitations under the Employer Job Offer category. The government assesses people for this category on the basis of Human Capital Factors. This category permits graduate students and skilled workers to apply for OINP.
The program provides 29 tech occupations that are a fast tracked way for permanent residency. One just needs to receive a work permit support letter from the employer which allows them to apply for a work permit.
During the pandemic, Canada has been processing most applications under the Express Entry program as that is the most rewarding and quickest way for applicants as well as the government. Even before the pandemic, over 60% of candidates who immigrated to Canada were those through any one of the Express Entry Categories.
This year IRCC will select 30,000 people out of the same pool and issue them invitations to apply. Over the next two weeks till October 7, IRCC will start issuing invitations for the Parent/Grandparent Program. You’ll also have a chance to sponsor your spouse or partner’s parents/grandparents by becoming a co-signer in the application.
Concerning the worries of skilled workers in Quebec, those who have an upcoming expiry on their Work Permits and have already submitted their permanent residency application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada are now eligible to apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit.
Canada holds the authorization to order a resident to leave the country if they violate any laws, involve in any criminal activities or for any other reason that is deemed appropriate to issue a removal order.
As a measure taken for post-covid recovery, Australia has provided 70 more occupations for skilled workers to apply to, given, they meet the minimum requirements stated by the Department of Home Affairs.