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How to get a job in Canada from India?

Published Date: 10th November 2021

Securing a job in the destination country while still residing in the native country can be a tricky task. People often have a hard time figuring out how to get a job in Canada from India. As troublesome as this may seem, finding a job is not that difficult if you are aware about the tools, websites and strategies available at your disposal.

Canada is just a few steps away from becoming one of the leading countries to welcome foreign nationals with open hands. With its liberal policies for immigrants and friendly environment for skilled workers, most people have this country on top of their migration list. Because of this it has become an easy choice for Indians to opt moving to Canada. There are many ways to grab an employment offer from a certified Canadian employer given, you successfully prove your capabilities to the employer. You need to show that you can bring relevant growth to their company

How to find a job?

1. Job Bank Account: Job Match profile is a great tool available on the official job bank's website that helps the job seekers meets a relevant employer. This portal is accessible to both the employee and the employer to meet their desired requirements. But in order to make a personalized account on the job bank website you need to have a Express Entry profile number. This means that you must submit an application in the Canada's Express Entry System and enter the pool of other candidates.  

2. Canada PR: If you are an applicant already having a Canadian permanent residency or are working towards it, your chances will naturally be boosted to secure a job offer. This is so because an employer searches for candidates whose invitations are cost effective for them. Eliminating the PR costs on the employer's end highlights your profile. 

3. Make a profile on LinkedIn: The 21st century demands people to be more social in the virtual world as well. Social platforms like LinkedIn are a great source to look for not only desired job offers but also to keep a record of your competitors. You can network with people of your array and discuss your chances of finding a job. 

4. Internal Company Transfer: As the name suggests, this method is for people whose company have branches in Canada as well. Many multinational firms select employees on a frequent basis for internal company transfer from one branch to another if they feel that the person is a great asset for them. If you come across such a company then it’s better not to think much & apply for it. 

5. Reference: You have a very positive chance of securing a job in Canada from India if you are successful in acquiring a reference. Canadian employers specifically search for people who have a good working background and considerable references from their previous employers. 


Express Entry

The Express Entry system is a program that functions on the basis of points allotted to the applicant according to six important elements. The applicant has to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) that is then assessed and reviewed by IRCC who gives scores in terms of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), to the candidates. After the submission and assessment of application you enter the Express Entry Pool from where top candidates having the highest CRS Score are selected.

There are three main program under the Express Entry system out of which two are considerate in the case of Indians or any other foreign national. These are

  1. FSW allows candidates to directly apply for the status of permanent resident. Skilled workers who have previous experience in their field of work in their home country can check their eligibility to apply for Canadian PR through Express Entry.
  2. FSTP permits candidate who have previous work experience in a skilled trade, mentioned under National Occupation Classification (NOC), to immigrate to Canada. They get Canada Immigration Points on the basis of six key elements that we will know further in the article.
  3. CEC is for people who are a Canadian resident and have a prior work experience of working in Canada.

Ways of increasing your chances

1. Networking

This is your best bet at increasing your chances of getting a job in Canada. Networking means to get in touch with possible employers and recruiters who you think will be hiring people of your array. Other than that, candidates who have the same qualifications and motives as yours can also be found.



FIN Program offers eligible newcomers a chance to gain temporary work experience and training opportunities with Canadian federal, provincial and municipal organizations. Employers offer internships in fields like administration, project support and management, policy and research, computer science. 

3. Contact Job Consultants

You can directly contact the job consultants, who deal in international recruitment and offer jobs in Canada for Indians. You can tell them your desired job area. They will not only optimally find most suited employment opportunities for you but also assist you in applying in those companies.

Benefits of getting a job

1. Protection by federal laws

If you are a employee in Canada you automatically receive benefits like right protection with federal laws. These laws clearly states the hours of work, minimum wage requirement, health insurance, parental leave, annual paid vacation and much more.

2. Become a part of Labor Union

You can automatically avail labor union benefits if you secure a job in Canada. This can act as a backup in case you face any exploitation or mistreatments while working. 

3. Canada Child Benefits

The Canada child benefit is administered by the CRA. This is a tax-free monthly payment of expense given to the eligible families to help with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. A person employed in Canada is subject to benefit through this scheme. 

4. Employment Insurance

Applying for an EI as soon as you get the job is beneficial for you as this protects you from an unexpected loss of job that you had nothing to do with. Such circumstances include loss of job due to shortage of work, seasonal or mass lay-offs.


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