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Use a Canadian Job Offer to receive more Express Entry Points

Published Date: 15th November 2021

Other than the six key elements the candidates who are eligible get a chance to score additional 50-200 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System if they have a Canadian Job Offer.

What is Express Entry?

The Express Entry system is a program that functions on the basis of points allotted to the applicant according to six important elements. The applicant has to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) that is then assessed and reviewed by IRCC who gives scores in terms of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), to the candidates. After the submission and assessment of application you enter the Express Entry Pool from where top candidates having the highest CRS Score are selected.

How to score extra points?

The higher your score on the Comprehensive Ranking System, the greater your chances are of receiving an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency in Canada. But not all are able to score 200 points. For this you must have a job offer in one of the six occupations. Most can score the 50 points if they have any job offer in Canada.

Foreign work experience

Points per factor
(Maximum 50 points)

With good/strong official languages proficiency and foreign work experience


With Canadian work experience and foreign work experience



Additional Points:


Maximum points per factor 

Arranged employment



Labor Market Impact Assessment

Formerly known as Labor Market Opinion (LMO), Labor Market Impact Assessment is an application form required to be filed by an employer of Canada who wishes to sponsor a foreign skilled/semi-skilled worker. They are given this opportunity in case they are unable to fill in a job position with the current residents of Canada. Labor Market Impact Assessment is arranged by the employer, the application is submitted online and it must indicate that there is a vacant job position in their company/business that can only be filled by a foreign worker as the current permanent residents do not qualify for it. If the employer is successfully issued a positive LMIA then they’ll receive a Confirmation Letter by the Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC). Other than the scores of CRS, your employer must also have a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment.


Other Ways to Improve your CRS Score

Other than the points that you can score on the basis of above mentioned factors, one can also increase their score simply by following the given steps. This will not only raise your chances of getting on top of the Express Entry Pool but also to quickly receive an Invitation to apply by the IRCC.

  • Increase your score on any one of the official language tests, French or English.
  • Take up another year or two of education in a relevant field.
  • Try your best to get a Provincial Nomination as this directly gives you 600 extra points.
  • Get a job offer from a Canadian Employer to receive 200 points.
  • Increase your work experience in the residing country.


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