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Canada has a proven record to give a chance to 130,000 students every year to study in Canada by applying in Top Canadian Universities. With flooding job opportunities for graduates, education in Canada is now free of a lot of difficulties. Canada’s main focus, along with many others, has always been amalgamation of culture with respective religions. Abiding by this idea, Canada welcomes international students with open hands and gives them abundant opportunities to grab the study visa Canada.


Canada Student Visa Requirements 

  • Proof of Income: You need to show necessary documents to the Canadian authorities to prove that you are capable of studying in a foreign country and bear all the necessary expenses. 

  • Proof of Identity: You also need to show identity proof like a passport along with any other document that is equivalent to an identity proof in your native country. 

  • IELTS Exam: To apply for this, you are required to give a specific English language exam (preferably IELTS) and have to score a minimum of 6 points in each area (Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking).

  • GIC: Guaranteed Investment Certificate is proof of investment in the destination country that is submitted to earn the trust of the government. It is done to show the government that you have a backup in case you run out of money in hand.

  • First Year Tuition Fee: To get an entry in Canada through SDS you need to deposit the tuition fee (amount equivalent to first-year) before reaching the country.

  • Medical Exam: The last requirement for SDS is a medical certificate signed by a professional stating that you are in good health and fit to travel.

  • Acceptance Letter from DLI: A Designated Learning Institute would be a post-secondary institution from where you will pursue your further studies in Canada. You need to attach valid proof indicating that the DLI has accepted you and your enrolment is successful.

  • Valid ECA: Educational Credential Assessment indicates your educational qualifications till the time of your application in terms of Canadian education standards. This is a certificate that needs to be obtained from a valid source.


Canada Student Visa Fees

  • Application fee for a Study permit (including extensions): CAD $150

  • Restore your status as a student (fee): CAD $350

  • Proof of Funds: Before entering Canada, you must show the Canadian government that you have enough money with you to meet the basic necessities at the time of your arrival, up until you have your first income in Canada. The amount for proof of funds differs depending on how many people are visiting with you and under which visa category you plan to enter Canada.

  • IELTS: This is the amount paid to take the English language exam that proves your proficiency in the English language. Currently, the IELTS EXAM FEE is INR 14,700. But this can change if IDP decides otherwise.

  • ECA: Educational Credential Assessment is a transcript that shows your educational qualifications in equivalent terms of Canadian Education standards. The price for ECA can differ according to your course and university from where you pursued your education.

  • Medical Certificate: This certificate is prepared to indicate that you are in a good and healthy position and fit to travel and stay in Canada. Again, the prices may differ depending on the clinic from where you get tested.


Canada Student Visa Process

  1. Decide the program: You NEED to start with this! Same as in your home country, for Canada too, first you’ll need to go through a list of programs and courses that are provided by the country and choose which one out of all you want to pursue ahead.

  2. Apply to school: After researching about the preferred program, the next step is to apply to the college of your dreams. Make sure you’ve done all the pre-requisite research and gathered all the necessary documents needed at the time of application.

  3. Apply for a Study Permit: Now this step might seem like a lot of difficulties but, with the right consultancy and help from the experts, it can be a one-click process. With Visa Walk’s optimum approval rate, your chances of getting your dream college are flying high.

  4. Acceptance Letter: Once the required documents are submitted, your application will be reviewed by the professionals at the Designated Learning Institute (DLI) and within a span of 2 weeks you will receive the confirmation from their end.


Other benefits of Student Visa

Apart from all the main benefits that you learned about studying abroad, there are a few more.

  • Part-Time Work: You have the luxury to work while studying. By doing so, you can make out a fair amount of tuition fee that goes into the colleges or also earn enough to sustain a decent life as a student abroad.

  • Scholarship: The list goes on. If you’re unable to pay the complete fee of the university that you are accepted in or you’ve always been good at studies/sports then you can surely check out the scholarship programs offered by the institute and whether or not you’re eligible for one.

  • Extend your Visa: After completing your studies you can even apply to get your visa extended and stay a little longer than you anticipated. Every country has different durations for the extension. You can get a free visa consultancy session at Visa Walk to know everything about getting a study permit.

  • Apply for PR: You also have the luxury to apply for Permanent Residency either while studying or after studies depending upon your case.


Top Canadian Universities:

  • University of Canada West, British Columbia

  • University of Northern British Columbia

  • Concordia University of Edmonton, Alberta

  • University of Windsor, Ontario

  • Seneca College - York gate Campus

  • Niagara College - Toronto

  • Conestoga College - Cambridge

Now that you are well versed with all the basic details of a Canadian student visa, get in touch with the expert counselors at Visa Walk to figure out which course you want to get enrolled in and the best colleges in Canada to study.

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