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With a reputation of having 8 universities out of the Top 100 Universities in the world, Australia has 1,100 prominent institutions offering more than 22,000 courses to the students. Now aren’t those the numbers to consider? You can not only pursue primary and secondary education in Australia but they also provide comprehensive courses of Vocational Education, Training, Undergraduate Programs, Post Graduate Programs, and even Doctoral Degree. So, whatever you want to study, Australia will have a course for it.

In-Demand areas of study

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health
  • Engineering &Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences

If you cannot find your preferred field in the above list then you don’t need to worry. These are just thepopular ones. That does not mean any other program is valued less in the country.

Programs offered by Australia

As you read above, Australia has many options to pursue in terms of study. But before getting ahead of ourselves, we need to understand their basic education system, its duration, and when it usually starts.

1. Vocational Education & Training (VET)

Under this, students can learn other niches, apart from the mainstream programs, under the guidance of professionals who’ve had years of real-time industry experience in their area of specialization.

2. Under-Graduate Program

This offers courses to the students who have completed their secondary education in or outside Australia and who wish to study further and get a Graduation Degree.

3. Post Graduate Program

As the name suggests, this program gives an opportunity to the graduate students (residing in or outside Australia) to go further with their education and do an upgraded level of their graduate course.

4. Doctoral Degree

It is the specialization in any field of study and its duration, semesters, and start time usually depend on your Coordinator.

Benefits of being an Australian Student

Other than providing extensive courses, Australia is known for a number of other things. Some ofthembeing,

  • Great student and alumni experience
  • Part-time work permission for up to 40 hours every two weeks
  • You can even apply for more than one course (conditions applied)

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