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Canada Study Visa

Out of all the countries that offer student immigration, Canada has the most liberal policies and the quickest processing time when it comes to giving chances to the youth for a better and bright future. The country has a proven record to give a chance to 130,000 students every year to study in Canada by applying to Top Canadian Universities. With flooding job opportunities for graduates, education in Canada is now free of a lot of difficulties.


Added benefits of studying in Canada

Canada’s main focus, along with many others, has been an amalgamation of culture with respective religions. Abiding by this idea, Canada welcomes international students with open hands and gives them abundant opportunities. Additionally, students also enjoy the working benefits given to them after graduation or even during their course of studies.


Study Visa Process

  1. Decide the program: First, you’ll need to go through a list of programs and courses that are provided by the country and choose which one out of all you want to pursue ahead.
  2. Apply to school: Make sure you’ve done all the pre-requisite research and gathered all the necessary documents needed at the time of application.
  3. Apply for a Study Permit – Now this step might seem like a lot of difficulties but, with the right consultancy and help from the experts, it can be a one-click process.
  4. Acceptance Letter – Once the required documents are submitted, your application will be reviewed by the professionals and within a span of 2 weeks you will receive the confirmation from their end.


Visa Walk Services

Our company aims at providing optimum counseling keeping in mind the dreams and goals of our customers. We design plans for you and do all the backend documentation ourselves to make your experience is trouble-free for settling in a new place. We also assist you in Visa Documentation, creating an online application in Express Entry Pool, IELTS guidance documents, and much more.


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