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Start-up Visa

Canada Start-up Visa (SUV) Program is popular among entrepreneurs and business-minded people who have the time, knowledge, and resources to create something clever and imaginative. Under this program, people can enter Canada, start a business and later apply for permanent residency for themselves and their families, if deemed eligible. The target of the government is to attract people who are creative and can prove to be essential for Canada’s economy. Other than this they look for people who:

  • Are able to create new jobs in the market

  • Can successfully compete on a global scale

  • Are innovative minds

Eligibility for SUV Program

You need to meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for this program. It includes:

1. A great Business idea

To start a company anywhere in the world is a necessary prerequisite. Without a good idea, you have nothing to execute. Make sure that your idea is different and worthy of getting funded by a foreign agency otherwise, your chances of getting this visa approved go down.

2. Get support from at least one Designated Organization

After finalizing your business idea, the next step is to apply to any one or all of the designated organizations. This is important as you are obliged to attain funding from one of them. They will issue you a letter of support if they think that your business idea is worth it. This letter is very important for your Visa application to get approved.

3. Score minimum CLB 5 in language tests

This next pre-requisite clearly mentions that to be accepted under the startup visa program category you must have a minimum score of 5 according to the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). Without scoring the minimum you cannot apply for this visa. Another thing to keep in mind under this category is you should only give any one of the four tests that are accepted by IRCC. If you give any other language test other than these four then it will straightaway be rejected.

  • CELPIP – G (English)
  • IELTS GENERAL (English)
  • TEF CANADA (French)
  • TCF CANADA (French)

4. Make sure you have enough money

This last requirement indicates that in order to come to Canada as an entrepreneur you need to have a certain amount of funds to show the government. This will act as proof to indicate that you are capable enough to support yourself and your family (if you bring any) financially for a minimum time period of 52 weeks. Check the table to find out exactly how many funds you need to show.

Number of
family members

Funds required
(in Canadian dollars)















For each additional family member


Documents for Canada Start-Up Visa Program

If you meet all the eligibility requirements for this program then you need to start preparing the documentation that will be needed at the time of your visa application. Here is a list of all the papers and docs that you should have beforehand:

  • Letter of Support from Designated Organization

  • Proof of Funds (meet Low Income Cut-off for family)

  • Offer of Employment (if any)

  • Medical Examination Results

  • Valid Police Certification

Processing Time for SUV Program

The entrepreneur visa in Canada has a processing time of 12-16 months. After applying to designated organizations you will receive the Letter of Support in 4 to 6 months if they approve of your business idea. Other than this, you can apply for Canadian permanent residency only after you receive a Letter of Support from one of the organizations.

Bring your Spouse/Common-law partner/Dependents

If you want to bring your family with you as well, they need to meet certain eligibility criteria to be allowed to enter Canada. They need to have:

  • Valid Passport

  • Be medically fit

  • Shouldn’t have any criminal records

  • Hasn’t exploited any immigration laws in the past

  • Assurance that they will go back to their home country on the expiry of their visa

  • Have enough funds to maintain a basic lifestyle

  • Letter of Invitation (if necessary in your case)

Benefits Spouse/Common-law partner/Dependents

If your partner or dependents decide to come with you to Canada under this visa category then they can enjoy certain benefits of staying there as well.

  • Your spouse/common-law partner can apply for an Open work permit if they plan to work in Canada.

  • Your dependent (children) can apply for a study/work permit if they want to do any one of the two during their stay in Canada.


Now that you’ve learned all the necessary things about the Canada Start-up Visa program it’s now time to either start your research or get in touch with one of our experts.