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Manitoba's Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba is quite proactive when it comes to inviting candidates to its province. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has invited up to 7391 candidates alone in 2021. These were invited under various streams. The province offers many such streams/programs for potential newcomers who have the relevant skills, education, work experience, and language proficiency in one of the official languages who wish to settle in this Canadian province.

The Manitoba PNP considers the following people the most while issuing the provincial nominations.

  • Recent graduates

  • Skilled workers

  • Business-minded people

  • Families/Dependents of the associates

  • People with farm management skills

Manitoba Skilled Worker Stream

There are two main subcategories under this stream offered by Manitoba.



This program requires the applicant to be able to show their strong and ongoing connections with employers in the province of Manitoba. In addition to this, they should have relevant skills, knowledge, work experience, and will to stay in the province permanently. 


This program issues invitations to the candidates who successfully indicate their strong connection with any one of the given: family/friends living in Manitoba; previous education/work experience in Manitoba; Invitation to Apply from MPNP

Manitoba International Education Stream

Three broad categories offered under this stream are:



This stream is for international graduated students from a post-secondary institute in Manitoba who have a job offer in one of the current in-demand employment opportunities available in Manitoba.



This program is specifically designed for students holding a Master's or Doctoral degree through internships contributing to the innovation of the province who wish to work and settle in the province. Those who have completed their internships in Mitacs Elevate or Accelerate Internships are also eligible for this program. 


This program encompasses opportunities for 20 students (per calendar year) to have a chance to pursue entrepreneurship rather than employment. All they have to do is be eligible for the program. After getting nominated one has to meet the requirements of the Business Performance Agreement and then they can get invited to apply for PR.

NOTE: If you are an international graduate student who has completed their post-secondary education from any other province of Canada, you are not eligible for any of these programs but rather the renewed Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream.

Manitoba Business Investor Stream

Businessmen and entrepreneurs get to choose between the given streams.



This program replaces the MPNP-B stream and is willing to recruit eligible business owners from all around the world. The applicants are given a temporary 2-year work visa and in that time they have to establish, purchase or become partners in an existing business in Manitoba.



This particular stream is for people involved in the agriculture sector who have proven farming and business experience. With this, they must also have enough capital at their disposal to invest in any established farm operation in rural Manitoba. Another option for them to use their funds is to operate their own farm in the rural area of the province. Either way, they need to prove essential for the farming industry and must produce items that include products of the province’s current farm industry.

Manitoba has been a region of Canada that has been welcoming immigrants for a very long time and being a peaceful province, one can find many reasons to migrate to Manitoba if they wish to permanently live in this province.