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Business Visitor Visa

Canada offers a wide range of visa categories to prospective migrants who wish to visit or settle in Canada. One such category is Business Visitor Visa Canada wherein people who qualify as business professionals and meet the eligibility requirements can enter Canada and stay up to a period of 6 months to conduct business-related activities. This is a great opportunity for moving to Canada if you're a potential business person.

How to become a Business Visitor?

In order for a person to be considered a business visitor, they need to meet certain requirements. These are:

  • Become a part of International Business Activities without entering the Canadian Labor Market

  • You must be visiting Canada temporarily to find new ways to grow your business, invest in any Canadian Business, and Motive of advancing your business relationship.

How to qualify for a Canada Business Tourist Visa?

If you want to enter Canada under this category of Visa you must first prove eligible. The eligibility criterion for this particular category of visa is:

  • You plan to stay in Canada for a maximum of 6 months

  • You don’t have any plans to enter/interfere in the Canadian Labor Market

  • Your prime source of earnings/profits and place of business lie outside Canada

  • You must have all the necessary documents that support your visa application from all ends

  • You must meet Canada’s basic entry requirements

Things you can do under this visa

If your application for Business Visitor Visa is approved then you are allowed to perform the following activities in Canada during your stay:

  • Attend Industry conferences & meetings

  • Conduct necessary site visits

  • Undergo relevant training in accordance with your business

  • You can perform sale/purchase of business goods/services

  • You can be a part of dealings with an after-sales agreement


With a Business Visitor Visa, you also have the luxury of exploring Canada’s tourist destinations, meeting family/friends, or staying in the country till the time of your visa expiry. If you are interested in this category then you can take the assistance of Visa Walk to start your Visa application process ASAP. We handle all the backend work on your behalf and make sure that you reach the untested lands with proper documentation and an approved visa application. If you have any queries regarding Business Visitor Visa or Canada Immigration, you can book a free visa consultancy session today and get your profile assessed by one of our experts.