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Quebec Immigration Investor Program

The Quebec Investor Visa Program offered by the province of Quebec does not demand the applicant to work or operate a business. Rather, they only need to invest a minimum amount in an ongoing business and become an investor, given; that they qualify to enter Canada under this program. Under the Quebec Investor Program, people can enter Canada, start/invest in a business and later apply for permanent residency for themselves and their families, if deemed eligible. The target of the government is to attract people who are creative and can prove to be essential for Quebec's economy.

Note: This program has been temporarily TERMINATED till 1 April 2023 and is not accepting any new applications till then.

To be eligible for this visa category, one needs to meet the given requirements:

1. The applicant must have a net worth of CAD 2M

This can be of the applicant alone or they can show this amount as of themselves and their spouse. This worth should be legally acquired by the applicant by conducting business/by holding a high-level management position. No debts/outstanding payments or any other type of loan amount shall be inclusive.

2. The applicant must have Management Experience

They must have an ownership/operating experience for the last 2 years out of five years or should have a held high-level level position for the last 2 years in the recent 5 years. Furthermore, their job duties must include management, planning, control of finances, or Human/Capital resource management.

3. The applicant must be able to invest $1.2M

The investor must be willing to invest the given start-up amount in the business for 5 consecutive years without receiving any interest. In addition to this, they must sign an investment agreement with a Quebec-approved financial intermediary that must authorize the investor to operate the business in Quebec.

4. The applicant must intend to settle

This is one of the most important requirements to be fulfilled by the applicant as if they do not succeed to prove their intentions to settle in the province of Quebec, they will not be allowed to invest and hence, any score for permanent residency goes out the window.

This is just one of the categories of Quebec Business Immigration. Now that you've understood the basic requirements needed to apply for this program you can start to plan further. If you have any queries regarding the Quebec Immigration Investor Program or Canada Immigration you can book a free visa consultancy session today to get your profile assessed by one of our experts.