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Tourist Visa - Subclass 600

The Australia Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) category is the best pathway for travelers who intend to visit the country for tourism, family, or business purposes. This subclass has four different categories designed for different purposes. Each stream's requirement is majorly the same with minor additional documentation requests per the visiting purpose. Four streams under 600 visa Australia are:

  • Tourist Visa Stream - This visa can be applied in or outside Australia and allows the applicant to visit the country for traveling, meeting friends or family, cruising, and/or medical treatment. Visa under this category is granted for up to a year.

  • Family Sponsored Visitor Visa Stream - For applicants who have a family sponsorship, usually by a blood relative, can apply for an Australian visit visa under this stream. Visa under this category is granted for up to a year.

  • Business Visitor Visa Stream - Candidates who intend to visit Australia for business reasons, for partnerships, meetings, negotiations, acquisitions, employment, etc. have this visa stream at their disposal. Visa under this category is granted for up to 3 months.

Know the eligibility requirements to apply for this visa

The majority of travelers visiting Australia need to obtain a visitor's visa before entering the country to avoid the possibility of deportation. However, certain passport holders do not essentially need an Australian tourist visa; they can apply for an e-visa which is the fastest-processed category. Nonetheless, anyone applying for a visitor visa needs to fulfill certain eligibility requirements, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Meet the health and character requirements of the Australian government.

  • Repay any/all debts that you owe to Australia's authorities (if applicable).

  • Prove that you intend to visit Australia for temporary reasons and that you plan on returning to your home country post the end of your trip.

  • Have sufficient funds to support your trip to Australia and the accompanying members and dependents (if applicable).

  • Plan a trip to Australia that is in the best interests of your dependents under 18 years (if applicable).

  • Fulfill the stream-specific requirements like having a sponsor (preferably a blood relative), or performing business activities while in Australia.

What are the benefits of an Australia Visitor Visa?

Applicants who successfully get the visitor visa grant get to enjoy many benefits. From visiting the country frequently to studying or being a part of any training, the candidates can do many things.

  • Enjoy the visit with family, friends, or relatives.

  • Travel, tour, cruise, and take a holiday in famous tourist spots.

  • Perform volunteer work activities (unpaid).

  • Travel to and from Australia until your visa expires.

  • Study or be a part of training for up to 3 months.

  • Perform business activities.

  • Be a part of conferences, trade fairs, or seminars.

Is there a different visa category for Chinese nationals?

Yes. Chinese citizens of certain regions have different visa categories designed for them based on their travel purposes.

Approved Destination Status Stream - Citizens of certain Chinese regions who aim to visit Australia as part of a tour group, a tour organized by authorized travel agents, can apply for an Australia visitor visa under this stream. This visa category's validity is not certain and is specified in the grant letter on a case-to-case basis.

Frequent Traveler Stream - Citizens of certain Chinese regions who visit the country very often for business or personal reasons can apply for this visa whose validity ranges up to 10 years.

Costs involved in the visa application process

The base application charges for most streams under the Australia Visitor Visa are the same. Read the details here.

  • Tourist Visa Stream (applying in Australia) - AUD380

  • Tourist Visa Stream (applying outside Australia) - AUD150

  • Sponsored Family Stream - AUD150

  • Business Visitor Stream - AUD150

  • Approved Destination Status Stream - AUD150

  • Frequent Traveler Stream - AUD1,120


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