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Spouse Visa: Subclass 820 & 801

Australia is a beautiful destination for immigrants, especially Indians, to migrate to. The country not only provides a high standard of living to its residents, but it also gives them many benefits like free healthcare facilities, education, a high number of work opportunities in various fields, and much more. Spouse Visa Australia is a way for partners of Australian citizens and permanent residents to migrate to and grab the chance to live, work and even study indefinitely in the country. It broadly provides two subclasses for applicants to choose from. One is, Subclass 820 which is a temporary partner visa in Australia and the other one is, Subclass 801 which is the route for permanent residency in Australia.

About Australian Visa Subclass 820

This visa subclass is a pathway for people to stay temporarily in Australia while their Partner Visa Subclass 801 application is being processed. The offshore partners of permanent residents or citizens can stay in the country through this pathway. Only certain people can enter Australia through this visa, the ones who are in a de facto relationship or marriage with:

  • Australian Citizen

  • Australian Permanent Resident

  • New Zealand Citizen

One must keep in mind that this visa does not allow you to live indefinitely in the country but rather it is a pathway to permanent visa subclass 801. The applicant must also be in Australia to apply for this visa.

Cost to apply: AUD 7,850

Processing Time: 22-32 months

Benefits you get from this visa:

  • Live and work in Australia until a decision is made about your permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801)

  • Study in Australia (without access to government funding)

  • Enroll in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses

  • Include dependent children on your application (dependent applicants must be in Australia when they apply)

About Australian Visa Subclass 801

This visa subclass for Australia migration lets you stay, work and even study in Australia indefinitely. There are certain things to bear in mind while applying for this visa. They are:

  • You must already be a holder of a temporary partner visa subclass 820

  • Continue to be married or in a de facto relationship with your sponsor

By successfully acquiring this visa you will be able to not only live work and study in Australia for an indefinite amount of time but you are also eligible to sponsor your relatives to Australia. Furthermore, you also become eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.

Cost to apply: Your payment for this visa is included in the amount for the temporary visa subclass 820

Processing Time: 11-17 months

Benefits you get from this visa:

  • Work and live in Australia indefinitely

  • Opportunity to study in Australia

  • Enroll in Medicare, Australia’s state-run healthcare program

  • Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship

  • Sponsor relatives for permanent residence

  • Travel in and out of Australia as you please


A de facto partnership is the relationship between two people wherein they are not legally married but live together anyways. They are committed to sharing their life, have a genuine relationship, and are not related by family/blood.

Step by Step Application Process for the Visas

1. Prepare your documents

The applicant must arrange certain documents to apply for these visas. These include identity docs, proof showing that you are a de facto or married partner of the sponsor, proof of shared finances, and proof that you equally share responsibilities for attending to domestic and social matters along with many others.

2. Apply for the visa online or in-person

The applicant has the liberty to choose whether they want to apply for the visa through online mode or if they want to go in person and lodge the application with the authorities.

3. Upload the relevant documentation and pay the application fee

Lodging an application is followed by this next step of submitting all the required documentation and successfully paying the application fee. Without this step, the application submission won't be complete.

Note: The application fees for both visas are paid together at the time of applying for the temporary partner visa subclass 820. You do not need to pay separately and again when applying for the permanent partner visa subclass 801.

4. Await your results

The last step is to patiently wait for the results while the Australian authorities process your application. The processing time for both the visa subclass is mentioned above.

How to tell if you're eligible?

  • You must meet the Australian government's relationship requirements i.e. be a spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen.

  • The applicant must also have a sponsor (usually your partner) in addition to being an approved sponsor. The sponsor should remain the same when applying further for the permanent partner visa 801.

  • One must be the right age while applying for a visa is 18 years or older. This is because 18+ is the age acceptable by the Australian government for marriage.

  • The applicant should also be able to meet the Australian government's health and character requirements

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