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Refugee Visa Subclass 200

The refugee visa subclass 200 of Australia is for the people who face issues settling in their home country for various reasons. Issues like persecution are major hurdles when you want to peacefully have a life in a region. For reasons like these and many more, the government of Australia gives shelter to people who are in dire need of help and aid them to relocate to Australia.

This visa is a part of the refugee category of their humanitarian visa Australia program which is much broader and entails many more subcategories. This category, in particular, guarantees you an indefinite stay along with access to free healthcare services and free English language classes for 510 hours. It majorly gives priority to the candidates who are referred by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This visa also lets the approved applicant bring along their dependents with them to live, work and even study in Australia.

Candidates facing persecution for any of the given reasons can apply for visa subclass 200.

  • Nationality or Religion

  • Political Opinion

  • Race

  • Membership or affiliation to a particular social group

People who wish to apply for this visa subclass and have relatives and immediate family residing in Australia having any category of visa under Australia's humanitarian program willing to support their application and financially, have a much greater benefit at hand. Such people can be proposed by their relatives under the "Split Family" provisions.

Who is an "Immediate Family Member"?

You can categorize the given people under the immediate family.

  • spouse/de facto partner of the primary applicant

  • dependent child or stepchild of the primary applicant

  • parent or step-parent of the primary applicant (under 18)

What is the eligibility to apply for a Refugee Subclass 200?

For a candidate to become an eligible candidate, they must fulfill certain requirements, being:

  • The applicant must be residing outside Australia at the time the visa is being applied and when the visa has been granted.

  • They must be able to meet Australia's health and character requirements

  • They must not have any outstanding or due debts to be paid to the Australian government.

Note: In case an applicant has an ongoing debt against the Australian government, they must have to means to repay it before going ahead with the application for this visa category.

Whose visa application will be processed first?

The priority of refugee visa Australia processing is given to certain visas at first. This means that people who have applied under specific categories or with specific references will have a faster processing time as compared to other applicants' visas. These are:

  • Applicants who have been recognized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

  • Applicants who are referred to the country of resettlement

  • Applicants who have a proposer amongst the immediate family member who has a Refugee visa category (200, 201, 203, or 204)

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