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Investor Visa (Subclass 891)

The island continent of Southeast Asia is home to many residents and immigrants coming in from all around the world. Every year, a huge number of people travel to Australia with different goals in mind. Some of them get the chance to live, work, and/or study in the country indefinitely. Numerous pathways offer immigrants the chance to become temporary or permanent residents of Australia depending upon their eligibility criteria and their aim to move to the country. One such route is the Australia Investor Visa which allows entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors to partake in business and investment-related activities.

What is Visa Subclass 891?

The Investor Visa offered by Australia helps in fulfilling the following purposes: anyone wishing of setting up a company in Australia, macro or micro-investing Australia, or someone thinking of the best business to start in Australia. The approximate cost of application for this visa per individual starts from AUD 2,495 as mentioned on the government website. Besides this, if the applicant's visa is approved, they get to indefinitely stay in the country in addition to working and staying (in some cases) simultaneously. The main highlight of this visa is that, if eligible, you can also apply for Australian citizenship in the future.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for this visa?

Not anyone or everyone can apply for an Australia investor visa. One must be able to meet the specified eligibility criteria to lodge an application. Under subclass 891, the primary applicant must:

  • Previously held an Investor (Provisional) Visa specified Subclass 162

  • Lived in Australia for at least two out of four years immediately before submitting an application for Visa 891

  • Made an investment, either in your own name or spouse's name, of AUD 1.5 million as a pre-requisite under Investor (Provisional) Visa

  • Demonstrate continuous involvement and genuine interest in the business or investment area

  • Have no part in any business activity that is deemed unacceptable as per the Australian standards

  • No pending debts either in your name or any family member's name

  • Must meet the health and character requirements of the country

What benefits do applicants enjoy?

The candidates who pass the minimum eligibility criteria and get their visa approved to get to enjoy certain benefits which are:

  • Become a permanent resident and indefinitely stay in the country

  • Get enrolled in the public health scheme of the country

  • Invite or sponsor your relatives to Australia

  • Travel to and from Australia freely for 5 years without needing any special permission

  • If eligible, apply for Australia Citizenship


Besides the above-mentioned conditions, there are many more little complications that can arise if a candidate misunderstands or wrongly fills in any detail while submitting their application. This is where visa consultancy experts play an important role. To get your profile assessed or to grab a free visa consultancy session, you can contact Visa Walk and avail of our custom-designed and case-specific services.