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Australia Working Visa

Australia offers several pathways to candidates who wish to work and settle in the country. Besides a fast-growing economy, it has great job opportunities for people to earn and live a quality life. Its great temperature, environment, eye-catching landscapes, and astonishing beaches attract thousands of candidates from all around the globe. Immigrants, especially Indians, who wish to earn a living in Australia, have to obtain a valid visa to do so. Foreign nationals are not allowed to work in the country on just about any visa rather; specific visa categories give them the right to do so freely. As the country provides financially rich work opportunities and favorable labor laws, choosing to immigrate to Australia through any one of the available General Skilled Migration pathways is the best option. Understanding the basics of the available visa options is a great first step to immigrate to Australia. For skilled workers, Australia's Working Visa is a great outcome. Under the broad category of working visas, the most popular is the temporary and permanent work visas that allow you indefinite stay in the country, in specific circumstances.

Working in Australia and obtaining a visa for the same is quite simple. The process is pretty straightforward given that you are eligible to apply under one of the available streams. To work in the country, the candidate should first check their eligibility for the required visa category. In addition to this, they also need to ensure that their job profile is enlisted in the appropriate Skilled Occupation List (SOL) Australia. Only after completing this, comes the next step to choose one of the programs under Australia’s General Skilled Migration Program (GSM) which is a point-based system used to assess the abilities and skills of a candidate to do the required job. The assessment is done based on particular factors like age, education, English language proficiency, skilled work experience, etc. The minimum requirement of earned points is 65 based on the given factors.

What is General Skilled Migration?

The immigration authorities have designed this specific pathway for skilled/qualified candidates and accompanying families who are looking to permanently settle in the country. Additionally, it is for the applicants who are talented and carry relevant skills, experience, and qualifications to contribute to the economy.

◾ Independent Visa Subclass 189: This is a point-based visa for applying for an invitation from the Australian Government. When you submit your application, you will earn points based on the skills and information you provide. Once you have earned the required points, you will be invited to move to Australia.

 Nominated Visa Subclass 190: Being a point-based visa, the candidate applies for a nomination from a state or territory government agency. When you submit your application, you will earn points based on the skills and information you provide. Once you have earned the required points, you will be nominated for immigration to Australia.

 Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491: This is a point-based visa for applying for a nomination from a state or territory government agency. If you have relatives in Australia who can help you, you can also enter with this visa subclass.


How to apply for the visa?

To apply under any of the given visa categories, an applicant has to submit an online application under SkillSelect online portal. To create a profile under this system the candidate must select an appropriate visa category that suits their profile, register for the English language exam and meet the language requirements, be of an appropriate age, get their skills assessment done for the nominated occupation and submit an Expression of Interest. Once the profile is created and the application is submitted, an assessing authority will review your file and if everything seems good, you will receive an invitation to apply by DHA. You can then use this invitation to apply for the visa and possibly get the visa granted within a short period.

Getting a permanent residency working visa in Australia grants you many advantages. Although you won't be getting all the benefits that an Australian citizen enjoys, still, you will be able to enjoy most of it.

👉 Live, work and settle anywhere in the country

👉 Sponsor your family or bring them with you to Australia

👉 Free education for children up to a certain age

👉 Sponsor your relatives for Permanent residency

👉 Avail health benefits for you and your family

👉 Work benefits for you and your family

👉 Apply for citizenship after three years


As simple as the process to apply for an Australian permanent residency seems, it still carries hidden complications and margin for error like filing the case under the wrong visa category, misunderstanding the occupation category/job title, and much more. Hence, it is advised to choose immigration and visa consultant experts like Visa Walk to minimize all the possible chances of visa rejection.