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Canada 67 Point Calculator for PR

Canada is a dream destination for all skilled candidates who want to opt for an easy and quick permanent residency pathway. With the economic class immigration routes opening up in the mid of 2022, aspiring candidates should learn all about the available routes for immigration to Canada. Canada Immigration works on a point-based system where the applicant has to be eligible on six selection factors stated under the popular migration program, Express Entry System. There are some broad pathways under this system for skilled workers that they can choose from.

The first one is FSWP. This category is specifically designed for offshore candidates who are eligible to reside permanently in Canada and contribute towards the growth of the economy. The second is FSTP. This category is useful for applicants who are specialists in their given field and are looking for job opportunities in Canada. The last is CEC which is for candidates residing onshore, working in the country for a handful of years with the aim of applying for permanent residency. Apart from these three major categories, there is another one, Provincial Nominee Program. This is a special category for applicants who want to apply for PR in a particular province of choice.

Regardless of the pathway chosen for permanent residency, the candidate must be able to acquire 67 minimum CRS points out of 100 to be eligible. The comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score is the base of eligibility that looks at 6 selection factors. These are language ability, education, work experience, age, arranged employment in Canada, and adaptability. For each of the given factors, there is an upper limit to the points one can get. For language requirements, one can score up to 28 points, for education 25 points, for work experience 15 points, for age 12 points, for arranged employment 10 points, and adaptability 10 points.

To get these points allotted, a candidate first needs to create a personalized profile and enter the Express Entry Pool. From here, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will select and assess your application to be invited. However, merely making your profile and filling out the requirements won’t increase your chances of getting picked. To meet the Canada score calculator of 67 points, you need to keep certain things in mind.

  • Make sure that your IELTS score; Passport and Express Entry Profile are up to date and not expiring anytime soon.

  • Improve English and French points if you think that you still have the slightest margin of rejection.

  • Focus on your work experience and try to get as much field exposure as possible so that your profile stands out.

  • You can also add your spouse’s credentials to your profile if you’re married and you’re applying as a couple.