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If you plan on moving abroad for study, work, training or migration then IELTS is a topic you must know about. One should always research, gain knowledge and assess or get assessed in the matters related to going abroad. As this a big decision for anyone, it seems logical to reach out to experts to genuinely know your chances and potential routes available at your disposal. Visa Walk not only evaluates each and every client of their available prospective but also gives a major service of IELTS COACHING to the desired candidates.



International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an exam offered by IDP that tests your English-language level. It judges a person’s fluency in speaking, writing skills, listening capability and flow & understanding of reading. Based on this, the IELTS Exam has four comprehensive categories that one needs to pass with good scores to stand a favorable chance for migration to a foreign country. The exam structure is made-up of these four categories:

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Writing

  • Reading

Apart from its structure, IELTS Exam is of two types designed for specific purposes. These are IELTS General & IELTS Academic. Refer to the table to get a more clear understanding of it.

8 IELTS General: IELTS General is taken by students who plan for secondary education in a foreign country and adults who are migrating to work or settle abroad. If one wants to migrate to US, Canada, New Zealand or UK then IELTS is a must-have for them.

8 IELTS Academic: IELTS Academic is necessary for students who want to pursue higher education, essentially for UG and PG courses, or for people seeking professional registration. If a student wants to get enrolled in a university/college in US, Canada, UK, etc. then depending upon the requirements, one needs to take IELTS Academic Exam.


IELTS ADVANTAGE: Why is this test so important?

This language test is very important for any aspirant who wants to go abroad. It is an assurance to the foreign country’s government and immigration services that you are capable of communicating and understanding well enough, a language that isn’t your mother tongue. The IELTS Score indicates the level for how good you are in all aspects of English.

Remember that IELTS isn’t compulsory for migration in every country. Only certain countries or universities demand IELTS Score so it is wiser to know before-hand if your case has a pre-requisite for this exam. Book a free visa consultancy today to get your case assessed and know all required documents and process for migration.



Visa Walk can assist you in booking your IELTS Exam if you feel prepared and confident. For those who will choose our Coaching service will get personal guidance on test booking.


IELTS PREPARATION: Visa Walk Services                 

Visa Walk provides coaching to all the aspiring candidates for the English proficiency exams – IELTS General and Academic. As these exams are the most important step towards your skilled migration or acceptance of study visa application, you cannot risk scoring low bands in any module. Therefore Visa Walk’s certified teachers provide coaching using modern techniques. We assist you by providing top of the class services like:

  • Certified Trainers

  • Added advantage of availing visa consultancy service for study/immigration

  • Assistance in booking Examination date

  • Planned course structure

  • Personalized Course material

  • Comfortable space for Classroom training

  • Innovative training methods

  • Batches available for weekend/weekdays

  • Practice/Mock Tests


Learn more about the IELTS modules and how to score the highest bands per your requirements. You can also contact Visa Walk to get your profile assessed by our expert counselors.