The state of Western Australia invited a number of applicant with scores as low as 65 points. The invites were issued under Western Australia State Nominated Migration Program which broadly has two streams.
Canada’s latest update for Omicron states total active cases at 35,941 with an increased death count of 27 reported on December 6 & 7. In the light of fast spread of this new variant, Canada also introduced new travel guidelines for people travelling in the country.
Health Minister Greg Hunt confirmed that the border reopening will go forward as planned. Australia will now welcome international student and skilled work force starting December 15.
The province of British Columbia held another tech draw for it-sector skilled workers and international graduated students who met the eligibility criteria under the Express Entry BC and Skills Immigration BC.
The New South Wales Regional Sponsor majorly has different streams through which applicants can submit their profiles given, they meet the minimum eligibility criteria. Candidates residing onshore but in a different state will also be able to apply under some of these streams.
Prince Edward Island issued invitations to a total of 125 applicants by allowing them to apply for permanent residency. The minimum threshold of CRS points for the business invitations was 67 points.
The Canadian province Manitoba held their latest draw on 16th December where they invited a total of 349 candidates to apply for permanent residency. They picked out candidates under various streams being Skilled Workers in Manitoba, International Education Stream and Skilled Worker Overseas. 64 applications were accepted from the Canadian Express Entry System.
Candidates were nominated to apply under some of the major streams offered by Australia being Small Business Owners, 457/482 visa holders and Critical Skill Occupations. The applicants of 491 and 190 visa were nominated to apply.