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Canada’s Latest News Update for Omicron

Published Date: 13th December 2021

The new variant of Covid-19 has scared many nations around the globe. Government and institutions are discussing upon the new strategy to deal with it.

Canada’s latest update for Omicron states total active cases at 35,941 with an increased death count of 27 reported on December 6 & 7. In the light of fast spread of this new variant, Canada also introduced new travel guidelines for people travelling in the country. It banned foreigners from 10 African countries and made on-arrival Covid-19 test compulsory for all. The highest number cases of Covid-19 new variant have been reported at 23 in Alberta and 45 in Ontario. British Columbia and Manitoba stand similar at 5 new cases of the variant followed by Quebec stating 7. Saskatchewan counted 4 new cases of the Omicron variant and Yukon reported 2.

Although most of Canada has made on-arrival Covid-19 testing compulsory, Toronto Pearson Airport still debates on making this measure a compulsion for all. According to Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Alex Summers, probably the largest cluster of people carrying Omicron has been discovered in London, Ontario. 50 people made up this cluster when two people arrived from Nigeria later in the past month.

Initial studies on Omicron that took place in South Africa depicted that this new variant of Covid-19 might not be as severe and problem causing as people are anticipating it to be. The symptoms may be light and not cause anything serious in the body of the affected. These studies also showed the Pfizer’s booster shot to be highly effective. People who successfully took 2 vaccine doses are less likely to experience anything troublesome.

Canada has also added three new vaccines to the list of acceptable vaccines; the list now goes as such:

  1. Sinopharm
  2. Sinovac
  4. Pfizer-BioNTech
  5. Moderna
  6. AstraZeneca
  7. Janssen/Johnson & Johnson

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