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New Travel Rules for Canada WEF today!

Published Date: 30th November 2021

In the mid of this month, there were a few announcements regarding changes in travel rules for Canada.

The Minister of Health, Minister of Public Safety, Minister of Transport and Minister of IRCC said that certain border measures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of Canadians during the pandemic. As speculated, the rules will now be implemented starting 30th November 2021. The five major rules introduced are:

  1. People travelling to different places using federally operated public transports like VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineers, Canadian airports and passenger vessels like cruise ships having voyages of more than a day, will now need to provide a proof of full vaccination rather than showing a negative Covid-19 PCR test report. This rule is not applicable for passengers travelling by road transportation, like buses.
  2. There is a related announcement for travelers who entered Canada before October 30. Anyone of these if wishes to leave Canada before/until February 28 can present a negative Covid-19 PCR test report before boarding and leave the country. They are not subject to the compulsion of getting fully vaccinated before entering or while leaving Canada.
  3. Fully vaccinated Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents and Registered Indians who plan to leave Canada and return within 72 hours either by air or land will not require a pre-entry negative Covid-19 molecular test. This rule will apply to accompanying children who are under the age of 12 and people with medical contraindications to vaccination as well.
  4. Starting February, all travelers entering Canada will be required to take a Covid-19 test irrespective of their vaccination status. This rule will apply to anyone and everyone over the age of 5 years.
  5. Adding three new vaccines to the list of acceptable vaccines, the list now goes as such:
  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac
  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Janssen/Johnson & Johnson


Note: Only a specific number of people can apply for an exemption for rule #1, like those who are unable to receive vaccinations for medical reasons. Additionally, if one’s vaccination proof is not in any of the two official languages of Canada i.e. either French or English, then one must get their vaccination status document translated. All required documentation and proof of vaccination are supposed to be uploaded on the app ArriveCAN by all travelers.