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Why Study in Canada?

When we think about overseas education, we instantly get a list of many countries to study in. Benefits ranging from part-time work opportunities, top-ranking universities, a wide range of course offerings, and much more pop into our minds when we decide on becoming an international students. But one must essentially understand that not every country is the right fit for you, not unless it is Canada of course. This country is the most sought-after destination in the world amongst international students. It has a lot to offer in terms of programs and courses, liberal work policies, post-graduation work permits, and permanent residency.

Even the pathway of international studies can indeed lead to permanent residency in Canada. The country has immigration policies designed in such a way that a student who can contribute to the economy and its growth has the chance to apply for PR.

Major Benefits for Students

There are many people who wish to pursue their further education in a foreign country as international students. There are many benefits attached to studying abroad, especially in Canada.


1. Enter the Canadian Tech Sector

Canada has proven its excellence in many sectors. Currently, it has surprisingly increased its telecommunications, computer technology, and engineering industries by being considered among some of the best in the world. For a fact, Canada was the first-ever country to link their school and libraries with the internet when the innovative SchoolNet program launched. Thus it is not surprising that the country does so well in these sectors. Students who wish to enter these industries can benefit by studying in Canada and getting basic exposure to the field.


2. Get Practical Exposure

The country has exceptionally high standards for education and is globally renowned for its universities. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it is required for a student to get some kind of internship or co-op experience during the course. For some specific programs education seekers are provided training by industry professionals. All of this inculcates the necessary skills in a student to progress in the real world.


3. Study in a Diverse Culture

Canada’s main focus, along with many others, has been an amalgamation of culture with respective religions. Abiding by this idea, Canada welcomes international students with open hands and gives them abundant opportunities. Additionally, students also enjoy the working benefits given to them after graduation or even during their course of studies.


4. Extend your Study Visa

After completing your studies you can even apply to get your visa extended and stay a little longer than you anticipated. Every country has different durations for an extension. You can get a free visa consultancy session at Visa Walk to know everything about getting a study permit.


5. Apply for Permanent Residency

Canada has a proven record to give a chance to 130,000 students every year to study in Canada by applying to Top Canadian Universities. With flooding job opportunities for graduates, education in Canada is now free of a lot of difficulties. You also have the luxury to apply for Permanent Residency either while studying or after studies depending upon your case.


6. Avail Scholarships & Part-time Work Opportunities

If you’re unable to pay the complete fee of the university that you are accepted in or you’ve always been good at studies/sports then you can surely check out the scholarship for international students offered by the institute and whether or not you’re eligible for one. Furthermore, you have the luxury to work while studying. By doing so, you can make out a fair amount of tuition fee that goes into the colleges or also earn enough to sustain a decent life as a student abroad.


The list of benefits goes on. An international student has many options of countries to choose from but Canada most definitely outweighs all of them. You can contact Visa Walk today to know more about the visa application process for a Canada Study Visa.