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Travel to Australia on Training Visa (Subclass 407)

Published Date: 10th December 2021

Offshore or onshore candidates who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills relevant to their occupation have a chance to getting the required training in Australia.

The subclass 407 visa of Australia allows candidates to indulge in workplace based occupational training (enhance & improve their skills for job, area of tertiary study and field of expertise) or a professional development training program. This program is available for onshore and offshore candidates both.

Occupational Training available under this visa subclass

1. Occupational training required for registration:

For this category the applicant is required to have an either an occupational registration, membership or licensing. These three are essential to work in the particular occupation in Australia or your native country.


2. Occupational training to improve skills in an eligible occupation:

The program is tailored specifically for the candidates who have been nominated by the sponsor in an occupation mentioned in the list of eligible skilled occupations. The nominee must have a work or study experience equivalent to minimum of 12 months of full time experience.


3. Occupational training for capacity building overseas:

Overseas Qualification

The 6 month program is tailored specifically for the students are currently a part of foreign educational institution and have finished a specific period of practical training, research or observation to acquire their qualification. Additionally, this training must be designed for the candidates who are nominated.  

Government Support

The program is designed for people who have the support of an Australian government agency or the government of native country of the nominated candidate. The support acquired from Australian government agency should be equivalent to state/territory level and the support acquired from the government of home country should be equivalent to national, state/territory or provincial level.

Professional Development

For employers residing overseas aiming to send their managerial/professional employees, the professional development program is face-to-face teaching in a classroom or a similar environment in Australia.

Eligibility to enroll in Occupational training

  • Have an approved sponsor
  • Must get nominated by the sponsor unless you have a sponsor of the Australian Commonwealth Government Agency
  • Be 18 years or older
  • For onshore applicants holding a substantive visa, must not have a visa subclass 403, subclass 771, or a Special Purpose Visa
  • Have an intention to temporarily reside in Australia


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