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Published Date: 19th September 2021

You’ve got many chances and ways to re-enter Canada even if you were ordered to leave the country for any given reason, mainly, criminal conduct or violation of Canadian Immigration Laws.

Canada holds the authorization to order a resident to leave the country if they violate any laws, involve in any criminal activities or for any other reason that is deemed appropriate to issue a removal order.

If by any chance you are issued a removal order, all you require is an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) and you’re good to go. Although it would be foolish to assume that anyone can get an ARC but first you need to understand the removal orders which you can be issued under various circumstances. These are:

  1. Departure Order: This order states a certain deadline which is to be followed by the resident. They must leave the country by the specified date and make sure that the immigration officer certifies the departure. Done so, they do not need an ARC to re-enter Canada. But if they fail to meet the deadline even after 30 days or do not confirm the departure by the officer, the departure order turns into a deportation order which becomes a severe situation. In that case an ARC is necessary to enter Canada ever again.
  2. Exclusion Order: This order states that the resident who is issued an exclusion order must stay outside Canada for at least 12 months and confirm their departure with the immigration officer. They must also receive a Certificate of Departure. If they fail to fulfill any one of the three conditions then they will require an ARC to re-enter Canada.
  3. Deportation Order: This order most certainly means that you are banned to re-enter Canada for life. You surely need an ARC in this case.

If you’ve received any of the following, you can re-enter the country provided, you meet certain criteria to be approved for ARC. Canada checks the following points before approving your ARC application. These are:

  • The reason for issue of removal order in the first place
  • The prospects of repetition of the same conduct for which you received the removal order
  • Time passed since your return from the country
  • You conduct after leaving the country

The processing fee to apply for an ARC is CAD $400 and this must be submitted with your visa application (example Work Permit, Study Visa, PR, etc). Remember that the more urgent your reasons for visiting Canada, the increased chances you have for a quick processing and approval of ARC.


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