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Manitoba's Latest Provincial Nominee Draw

Published Date: 4th December 2021

Manitoba invited 438 candidates under various streams in their latest provincial nominee draw whose details are given below.

On 2nd December 2021 the Canadian province Manitoba issued invitations to a total of 438 candidates who were eligible for their provincial nominee program. The streams through which applications were accepted were Skilled Workers in Manitoba, International Education Stream and Skilled Worker Overseas. For the last stream people were invited under Strategic Recruitment Initiative who scored 726 CRS points. Applicants needed a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System Score of 449 to get accepted under Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream.


Skilled Workers in Manitoba

  • ITAs Issued: 358
  • Minimum CRS score: 449

Skilled Workers Overseas:

  • ITAs Issued: 51
  • Minimum CRS score: 726


International Education Stream

  • ITAs Issued: 29
  • No minimum CRS score
A provincial nomination directly credits you 600 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System that is half of the total score of 1200 needed to get an Invitation to Apply. Although applying directly for permanent residency in Canada is the wiser decision, still having a provincial nomination always seems as a great backup plan.




This program requires the applicant to be able to show their strong and ongoing connections with employers in the province of Manitoba. In addition to this, they should have relevant skills, knowledge, work experience and will to stay in the province permanently.

This program issues invitations to the candidates who successfully indicate their strong connection with any one of the given: family/friends living in Manitoba; previous education/work experience in Manitoba; Invitation to Apply from MPNP.


Who cannot apply for MPNP?

Not everyone is allowed to apply for a PNP in Manitoba. Even if you qualify the basic eligibility you won’t be allowed to apply if you fall under any one of the given points.

  1. People undergoing a removal process, refugee claimants or if anyone is a part of federal appeal
  2. Live in Caregivers already residing in Canada
  3. Any candidate residing outside Manitoba as a temporary foreign worker
  4. Spouse of Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents
  5. Candidate whose applications underwent a refusal in the last six months and they are unable to explain the reason for refusal
  6. Candidate who has their application under review for any other Canadian program


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