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Express Entry Canada Invited 613 Candidates in the Latest Draw!

Published Date: 25th November 2021

Express Entry Canada issued ITAs to a total of 613 candidates through their Provincial Nominee Program on 24th November 2021.

Express Entry applicants were invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency who successfully received a provincial nomination. The lowest CRS score cutoff went to 737 or above. Canada has been consistent with their Provincial Nominee Draws with this one being the sixth consecutive in a row. As they have already fulfilled the requirement of economic immigration, they are focusing more on PNP Draws, as of now. The candidates who received the invitation were granted 600 points that boosted their CRS Score drastically. Without the nomination or 600 extra points the invited candidates only had 137 points. After receiving extra credits through the PNP nomination, their score was not only improved but also they now have a better standing in the Express Entry pool.


The Express Entry system is a program that functions on the basis of points allotted to the applicant according to six important elements. The applicant has to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) that is then assessed and reviewed by IRCC who gives scores in terms of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), to the candidates. After the submission and assessment of application you enter the Express Entry Pool from where top candidates having the highest CRS Score are selected. 


For this, you have two options to choose from. You can either apply through non-express entry (paper-based) method or the express entry method.

Paper Based Application

Express Entry

Under this, you have to apply to the province directly. You must gather all the necessary documentation, attach it in a file and mail it to the desired province along with a proper letter to apply under provincial nominee program. If you get the Nomination Certificate, you then have to make a profile on Express Entry System and attach the certificate along with it. Visa Walk can help you make error free application letter and complete the documentation on your behalf to reduce your work.

In this you have to make a profile in the Express Entry System and if you are eligible, you are allowed to enter the Express Entry pool. In there you are given a rank CRS points on the basis of the information that you have provided. The more your rank, the higher chances of you getting an Invitation to apply. The only key difference between normal express entry and PNP is that here, you need to mention your preferred province while making the EE profile so that the authorities of that area can look into your application too.


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