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Canada plans to introduce new immigration pathways

Soon after the appointment of Sean Fraser as the new Immigration Minister of Canada, he has been working tirelessly to improve the present immigration scenario of Canada post-Covid. In the recent announcement, he revealed his next milestone to be achieved. Immigration authorities in Canada have been working towards devising a new fast-track immigration pathway specifically for international skilled and semi-skilled workers and students. This program aims to provide a more durable permanent route to the current temporary residents of the country. Although it will be much like the Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence Pathway of Canada, it won’t be identical to it. The previously established program gave an immigration pathway to almost ninety thousand skilled workers having experience in the high-demand occupations in Canada and foreign graduates. However, the aim of the new program will aim at giving a fast permanent residence pathway to the temporary residents of Canada. We can expect some new updates on the same by the first week of September.

Apart from this, Canada has been making several other positive changes to its immigration plans much faster than anticipated. A while back they eased the travel restrictions for visitors of all kinds to Canada. Following this measure, an additional announcement was made by the Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plan on resuming the draws for the remaining economic-class pathways in early July of 2022. Draws for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and many more will resume in the first week of July 2022.

This makes it a perfect time for new and aspiring experienced workers to apply for Canadian permanent residency as soon as possible. The sooner you apply the faster your applications will be processed as the government also aims at bringing back the 6 months’ standard processing time which earlier stood at 7 months to 21 months due to the pandemic. The change is evident from the steps taken by IRCC at clearing the backlog of applications under the mentioned streams. By 2024, they plan on welcoming an extraordinary number of immigrants to the country.

Published Date: 17th June 2022