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Canada Introduces an Online Tracking Portal for Sponsorship Candidates

Published Date: 8th February 2022

Canada has recently launched a new tracker portal that will aid the sponsoring and sponsored candidates to view the status of their immigration application.

The online portal can be seen on Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s official website. This tracker tool can be used by spouse, partner, and child sponsorship applicants. It will be available to not only the sponsor or primary applicant but also to the client representative or any designated individual of the applicants.

The news was announced by Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser in a recent interview. The applicant has to create an account on the online portal to track their application. For this, they need to fill in the primary details. Note that these details should match the information submitted in the online application form. There may be an instance where you are unable to create an account on the online portal. This is because IRCC takes some time to update your information in their system. Once your information is uploaded you will be able to create an account on this portal and track your application systematically.

IRCC’s website contains a separate message regarding this portal stating the information presented through the tracker can change any given prior to IRCC giving a final verdict on the application. Furthermore, it adds that there might be some delays between the actual signs of progress being made in the application against the information reflected on the tracker. The ideal processing time to sponsor someone is given to be 12 months varying upon the country.

Visit Canada’s official website to know more.